Is Money Debt Or Wealth?

Is Money Debt Or Wealth?

I was watching a video of a gentleman talking about “money” and how finances work. He was stating that “money” is debt and that the public has to pay interest on “money” that is printed and created out of thin air. For example, when you take out a mortgage which in French means death pledge, to buy a house that “money” is not deposited into your bank account. It is created digitally and you have to pay interest on it.

Another example of “money” being debt and not wealth is quantitative easing which is a fancy name for money printing. QE as it is known, increases the debt that we owe since “money” has to be printed and borrowed into existence. Obviously, “money” has to paid back with usury. So the “money” that we think is money is actually debt. Moreover, the gentleman stated that there is no money only debt because the real money was stolen.

As I listened to this guy, I said to myself wait a minute, if money is debt then my paycheck is debt also. Therefore, I am using debt to pay debt(bills). The money that I am trying to save is not wealth, it is debt. If “money” is debt, then what is wealth because I was taught that “money” is wealth. The man went on to say that you can’t pay debt with debt you can only expunge it so to speak. Here I am working like a slave to pay bills(debt) and save money(debt) all to realize that the money(debt) is not money but debt. Note: I was confused about this as well.

I felt deceived. Okay, so what is wealth? Well according to J.P. Morgan, gold is wealth everything else is credit(debt). I then learned that gold is money and has been for over 5000 years. So men were actually conducting commerce with this shiny yellow stuff in biblical times. In addition, gold is a hedge against inflation, and is created by God. Paper loses value not gold.

In conclusion, “money” is debt and debt is slavery. Debt works against you and reduces your chances of accumulating wealth. Wealth is not the only thing that matters however, it affects the things that do. Cash is still necessary because it is a medium of exchange. Nevertheless, your wealth should be in gold because gold is king. For some free information go to



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