Your failure is not your future

Your failure is not your future

There are times in our lives where we will suffer or have suffered a set back of some type. Perhaps you didn’t finish your schooling, maybe you didn’t get the job of your dreams. Possibly, you made some mistakes that you paid a big price for. No matter what has happened in your life, your failure is not your future.

Everyone has failed at some thing in their lives. I believe that we must not let our failures become a self fulfilling prophecy. Personally, I can accept failure at something but I cannot accept not trying.

There are people who abuse themselves emotionally because they did not accomplish their goals so they go through life with a failure mentality. We must realize that failure is the beginning of success. No invention that was created ever succeeded on the first time around. It took numerous times to bring that completed idea to pass.

Henry Ford said failure is the opportunity to begin again but this time more intelligently. There is a need in our schools as well as our homes, a conditioning of the mind program to train our youth to adopt the success attitude. One of the reasons why our youth have so many problems in addition to absentee parents is the inability to see life from a success frame of reference instead of failure. Therefore, they repeat the same pattern of failure and end up re-incarcerated. God has given us the ability to overcome every obstacle or he would not have allowed us to endure more than what we could handle.

In conclusion, your failure is not your future. It is the beginning of something greater than you know if you do not allow it to stop you. We have to disassociate ourselves from people in our lives who still live in our past failures and align ourselves with individuals who want to live in our future success


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