Don’t Die Before You Live

There is no better gift than the gift of life. Life is something that we can’t earn or deserve. It is simply given to us. Life comes with ups and downs, profits and losses. Motivational speakers will agree that life is what you make it and that your choices determine where you end up in life. I have heard that your life is the total sum of your experiences and who you spend your time with.

Personally speaking, when I hit my twenties, my life was sort of empty and dragging along. As I reached my thirties, time started flying by. I say this because if you do not pay attention to your life, time will pass you by and you will wonder what happened. Time waits for no one and as we grow older, we begin to look over our lives to see what accomplishments we have and what we have to show for living.

Many people are shocked to realize that all they have in life is void and un-fulfillment. People become depressed and upset seeking to blame someone or something for their lack. They tip-toe quietly to their grave even though they are alive. As I reflect on this, My thought is don’t die before you live.

Men and women are becoming the walking dead. The fire has burned out and there is no life in them. These individuals are walking around with their heads hung down. They feel like their hopes are gone so now they are ready to die. I believe that life is not just about living, it is about making a mark.

It does not matter what environment you came from, what addictions you had or poor role models you had in life. We all need encouragement to keep on going in life. It does not matter if you are a motivational speaker or a pastor.

The Bible says death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruits thereof (proverbs 18:21). Stop speaking death and speak life. See sometimes, you have to shake yourself from the things that’s been affecting you and loose yourself from the things that are holding you down. You are more than an over comer and you shall live! O` death where is thy sting, O` grave where is thy victory (first Corinthians 15:55-56).

Too many people have the look of death in their eyes. It seems as if the life has been zapped right out of them. Life is like a game, you have to be in it to win it. While it is true that there are people in positions of authority who want nothing good for you, you must be extra determined to make it in life.

A man who is determined to live has a made up mind that life is more precious than death. Physically speaking he knows that he will ultimately die but before he does he wants to impact the lives of others. This man will not tip-toe quietly to his grave. He will embrace the process of living knowing that the process is connected to the progress.

There must be something that excites you, something that stirs you up, something that shakes you, something that makes you say YES! The fire must be rekindled. There is a world waiting to be introduced to you. Don’t give up on yourself because if you do, you give up on destiny. Do not die with a dream still inside of you. Manifest it now and become the leader that people are looking for. Don’t die before you live, live first before you die.


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