Passion And Purpose

Passion is defined as any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling. Purpose means the object toward which one strives or for which something exists, an aim or a goal.

I believe that humans were created to live and not simply exist. We were put here on earth to fulfill a passion and a meaningful purpose. Many of us are not aware of our purpose so we go through life drifting by. A part of our purpose is to enrich the lives of others in some way. What is your passion and purpose? I doubt that our purpose is to be confined to a life of monotony, which is what a lot of people choose.

No passion equals no purpose. The reality is that we all have a passion and purpose whether we know it or accept it. Jesus had a passion which was to suffer the death and crucifixion of the cross so that we could have life through the shedding of his blood. Not only should we live a life of passion but compassion for our fellow man.

Your passion is usually something that you could see yourself doing whether you’re getting paid for it or not. It is more than a hobby it is your life’s work. A good way to find your passion is to ask yourself what do you want to be known for when you die. I feel that our lives are supposed to be a contribution to society, our loved ones and a glory to God.

There is something special about all people. We are unique and gifted in our own way. We are blessed to be a blessing. When you know your passion, you will know your purpose.

Your passion and purpose is sacred because it is something that only you can fulfill. Even if other people are doing a similar work, your work will be distinguishable.

Sometimes it takes years to find your zeal. It is not easily recognized and is often overlooked. Once we discover our gift, we will experience joy in our hearts for knowing that we are doing a good thing. Our hearts will touch others spiritually and emotionally not only where we live, but across the world. Our lives will change as we impact the lives of others. People will become inspired knowing that they too have a passion and purpose.

In conclusion, I feel that as a people, we have something to offer each other that is of great value. It does not necessarily have to be a product or service. It can be a kind word of encouragement that will motivate a person to keep going on in life. Sometimes the blessing is in the small things. Your passion and purpose will be a legacy that you can leave to your family for generations to come.



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