Desire To Win And Don’t Be Afraid

Desire To Win And Don’t Be Afraid


In each and everyone of us, there is a deep desire to win at something. It could be winning at sports or some other choice of our liking. Complacency is a killer of desire. Too many people are complacent and because of this, they are not where they want to be in life.

The bible says hope deferred maketh the heart sick. No desire leads to no hope and no hope creates mental obstacles. A reality is that people are afraid to win because they are afraid of change. Change is like the road less traveled because it requires you to get out of your comfort zone. We are creatures of habit and our habits are usually not productive or positive.

I believe that every person is a winner and were created to win. Winning is simply a choice that we make or not by default. Furthermore, I feel that God does not make losers. Some individuals may say wait a minute, God created the devil and he is a loser. Well that is true, the devil is a loser but originally, Satan was a winner when he was with God in heaven. The devil was a high ranking angel, beautifully made, and protected the throne of God. When he rebelled against the Lord, he was kicked out of heaven and became a loser.

You were created in the image of God: a winner’s image. Someone in your life may have told you that you’re a loser and will never amount to anything. You were probably told that you will end up dead somewhere. No matter what you were told, your past does not have to be your present nor your future. Desire to win and do not be afraid.

If you think about it, there is nothing to be afraid of. We are more than over comers, we are victorious. In closing, there is no such thing as a loser, only a losing mentality. One of the challenges of life is freeing ourselves from this attitude and embracing the winning touch. Remember the ole’ saying, a winner never quits and a quitter never wins. God bless.


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