Healing The Hurt

Healing the hurt

Hurt can be described as a painful experience by something or someone. Hurt is a part of life that we will all experience for ourselves. I believe that life is filled with pleasure and pain, love and hate, truth and lies. Hurt can do two things: It will either make or break us. Sometimes we try to live our lives pain free but it is impossible because we are still living on planet earth and the earth is filled with hurt.

Perhaps someone you know have let you down in your relationship or you let someone else down. Maybe your children didn’t walk a straight path in life and got into trouble. Possibly, you lost your job after being a loyal employee for 25 years.

All over the world people are hurting. Hundreds of folks in the middle east are being killed and injured at the hands so called “terrorists” These countries are filled with violence and no end in sight therefore, they will continue to hurt. Sadly, many of our selected officials have failed to heal the hurt. Instead of healing the hurt, they contribute to it.

Many third world nations are suffering due to a designed contraction of goods and services. Because of this, people are starving and dying prematurely. Here in the states, families are losing their properties at a staggering rate. Property that was once theirs in now someone else. The American dream of homeownership is becoming a nightmare. It is painful to see everything you worked hard for wind up in the hands of another person who didn’t do anything to deserve it. Yet, this happens daily. When people lose everything, they lose their minds and hurt themselves.

When families break up hurt ensues because no one wins in a divorce. The children if any, suffers and unforgiving occurs.

A lot of our personal pain results from unresolved issues. An example of this could be an individual not loving other people because he or she never experienced love so that person goes through life with a cold heart. The reality is that people come from all walks of life and possess different types of hurt.

It is important to know that there is healing after the hurt, healing for the mind and healing for the soul. Instead of holding on to the hurt, we have to release it. We have to release ourselves from the pain by forgiving others who offended us and ourselves. For the most part, we can only be hurt by what we allow ourselves to be hurt with. Not to go off subject, I find it interesting that our school system teaches us to become better employees but not better people. Anyway, healing the hurt is imperative because it allows us to go on and become valuable to others. Whether we know it or not, God is healing. He will give us a peace that passes all understanding and remove the burdens that kept us down.

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