The Most Unhappiest People Work At A Job

Do you ever notice how when Friday comes around, people get excited for the weekend and a sign of relief crosses their face? Then when Monday morning arrives, they look unhappy and frustrated? On the highway, they honk their horns and yell at each other. On public transportation, they push and shove one another because they’re running late for work. Based on my experience, I believe that the people who are the most unhappiest, are the ones who work at a job. I say this because people don’t like the daily 9-5 hustle of getting up to go to a job that they hate and doing the same thing repetitively. Obviously, there are employees who enjoy what they do for a living and that’s fine. For most people, going to a job to work for a salary that already isn’t enough is painful.

There is nothing right or wrong with working a job but there is something wrong when you are unhappy at a job. Many people are a heart attack away from dropping dead at work. It is because the stress levels at some occupations are exceedingly high along with other personal factors. Folks not only hate their jobs, they hate the money they make, their annoying bosses and co-workers yet, they stay at those jobs for years.

A lot of the problems at home arise from parents spending too much time at work and not enough time at home with their children. This contributes to unhappiness because a parent needs and wants to be at home instead of work. I’m a parent also and I understand that you have to do what you have to do. However, there are opportunities that can improve your financial life for ever if you are open to them.

How can you be your own man or woman when someone tells you what time to come to work and when you can go home? On a side note, the advice of going to school to get a safe and secure job is bad advice. Millions of men and women have done that and are not happy because they are now unemployed or underemployed. It is heart breaking to work hard all week to see your paycheck disappear in one day. There is a better way though. Thank you for reading.

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