Think Big

Thinking big is an ability that we all have the power to do but very few people do. I suppose the reason for this is because people are not taught how to think big and are accustomed to think small. It is important especially nowadays, for people to start thinking big. The economies of the world are changing and things are not what they seem. People are still losing their jobs and their homes.

We are living in what is called a new economy. It is called a new economy because the benefits that existed in the old economy are disappearing. Furthermore, you not your company, will need to be held accountable for your own financial future. Too many people are living in this new economy with old economic ideals such as go to school to get a safe and secure job. How many people do you know who have done that and lost or are about to lose their jobs?

Young adults have to move back in with their parents because they can’t afford their mortgage. By the way, the word mortgage in French means: mort (dead) gage (guarantee). So you are paying a mortgage until death or engaged until death sort of like a marriage ouch! ( I know some people paid their mortgages off but I thought that was interesting to add in this writing).

People who think big, expect big results. People who think small expect small results. Unless you are a vegetable you have the ability to think big. Perhaps that’s the problem. People have become walking produce and refuse to produce. I have learned that whatever you think you can or can’t do you’re right. Think big and live. There is no benefit in thinking small. Do not go to the grave while you are still alive. Think victory and you’ll succeed, think defeat and you’ll fail. It is also important that you surround yourself with positive like minded people who know how to think big. The company you keep is usually the life you see. Think big for yourself and your family and you will succeed.

Failure should not be an option, it should be a lesson learned. Sadly, people are turning their temporary failures to permanent realities. When your failures become your reality, self defeat is inevitable. Did you ever meet someone with a self defeating attitude? They personalize every negative experience instead of learning and letting go. They continue to wallow in their mire and want others to wallow with them. The person who thinks big has the mindset that says, I win or I learn. Think big people use failure as an opportunity to start over again but more intelligently.

In conclusion, If the Wright brothers thought small, airplanes would never exist. If Henry ford thought small, the Ford automobile would only be a memory. These men and others thought big and their actions were huge. Think big and the sky is the limit.

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