Your Belief Must Exceed Your Doubt

Belief is trust or confidence in something. It is also believing in the physical manifestation of a desired goal that has not yet come to fruition. In order to attain anything worthwhile in life, we must believe that we can attain it. Even though we can’t see it, we must believe it is possible to attain.

Books such as think and grow rich and success through a positive mental attitude tells us that what the mind of a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. What do you believe? Do you believe that you can succeed in your business endeavors? Do you believe that you are already a leader? Your believe must exceed your doubt.

In success through a positive mental attitude, someone who has a good belief system, operates from PMA or positive mental attitude. A person who lives in doubt, operates from a NMA or negative mental attitude. We have to watch what we believe. A reason why people are poor is because they let their doubt exceed their belief.

I’m reminded of a true story where Jesus was walking on water at night in a storm. The disciples looked at him and became afraid. They thought it was a spirit or some strange thing. When Peter looked and recognized that it was Jesus, he said bid me to come to the water, Jesus said come. Peter began to walk on water and then suddenly started sinking. Jesus reached out to pull Peter into the ship and said where for did you doubt(fear)?

When you doubt, you start sinking in life. When you sink in life, you doubt every good opportunity that comes your way. NMA dominates your thinking instead of PMA. We must guard what we put in our minds. Far too long, we have been indoctrinated with information that goes against the power of believing and real achievement. It’s time to cast out doubt and embrace the positivity of belief.

The stone cold truth is that we live what we believe. How many times have you said to yourself that you are going to lose weight and are still overweight? Your diet was going well but when your spouse made your favorite dish, you began to doubt that you could lose weight and went back to your old eating habits.

Whether we believe it or not, life in some way, is a business of confidence. No confidence, no results. Belief builds confidence and confidence destroys doubt. Your belief must exceed your doubt.

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