Creative Visualization Is The Gateway To Physical Manifestation

One of the greatest abilities that man has, is the ability to be creative. It is said that the right side of the brain is where creativity takes place while the left side is the analytical part that deals with logic and reasoning. The school system focuses on the left side brain function over the right side because the educational purpose is to make us employees. How ironic is it that the greatest inventors and entrepreneurs of the world never finished school yet, we are constantly told that we must go to school to become successful.

The bible says where there is no vision, the people perish. One thing that we never learned to do at school or at home for that matter, is how to visualize our way to success. Visualization is important because in order to attain anything that is worth while, you have to see it through your mind. Success is an inside job so everything pertaining to it, must take place on the inside before it can be manifested on the outside. Creative visualization is the gateway to physical manifestation.

Whether you are a business man or an artist, you must visualize yourself succeeding in your chosen field of interest. Michael Jordan envisioned himself becoming an NBA champion. Ray Kroc had a vision that McDonald’s would become the world’s largest fast food chain. The Wright brothers imagined millions of people flying all over the world. These individuals painted their vision so colorful that it was as clear as day. So must we hold fast and maintain the image that‘s on the inside of us. Sadly, much of society has stopped dreaming. They had an idea that could cause them live an uncommon life, but they surrendered to the critics and settled for mediocre existence instead.

Here are some tips to help you with visualization:

1. Get into a quiet room or place where you can be alone, just you and your thoughts.

2. Close your eyes and breathe deep.

3. Imagine yourself walking across stage receiving an award for ranking high in your organization. See yourself traveling first class, the chauffeur opening the door to the limousine, escorting you to the airport. Visualize your team hitting the leadership boards. Imagine empowering millions everywhere. Hold that picture for a few moments. How does that feel? Make it as colorful and graphic as possible.

4. Release yourself. Now it’s time to do the work that supports that vision.

In conclusion, creative visualization is a necessary element because it sets the stage for attaining success. One of many things that can never be taken away from you, is the power to dream and envision a life of happiness. Visualize a plan for success or you will visualize a plan for failure by default.

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