Don’t Focus On Problems, Focus On Solutions

problem 2

Problems are like opinions we all have one. One thing you will have in life, is problems. Some financial gurus say problems are just ideas waiting for solutions. Yet, others have said a problem is just an opportunity in disguise. I have noticed that the masses of people love to talk about their issues. They seldom converse about solutions to their dilemma.

I believe problems can help develop us to become strong individuals. In addition to that, we will be more confident. Obviously, no one likes challenges, nevertheless, life on planet earth comes with problems. How many people do you know bombard you with their mess? It seems as if these folks tell you their issues so you can feel bad along with them.

problem 1

Don’t focus on your problems, focus on solutions. I have learned that what you focus on expands. So when you focus on your problems, you magnify them. Concentrating mainly on problems contributes to mental damage. This is because most people relate to problems in a negative fashion. When you relate in a negative fashion, you distract yourself from finding solutions.

How do you focus on solutions and not problems?

1. Keep your mind on things you don’t want and on the things you do want.

2. Join or create some kind of support group that addresses the kind of problems you are dealing with.

3. Read books that speak to your situation.

4. Get professional counseling that treats the total person.

In conclusion, there are many ideas you can use or create to help you navigate through the problems to solutions. Is there a solution to every problem? I believe there is. What about you?


Much Success,  problem 3

Calvin Moss



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