Stop Chasing Prospects, Have Prospects Chase You

Every home business owner’s challenge is finding prospects. We search high and low looking for the perfect prospect. When we get started in network marketing, we make a list of friends and family. We call them to death trying to get them to a meeting. The challenge is that your warm market is not interested in starting a business unless they are business minded. So what do we normally do as beginners? We beg, chase and convince family and friends to join our opportunity. The lesson here is that if you beg, chase and convince them to join your business today. You will have to beg, chase and convince them to stay in your business tomorrow.

You want prospects who perceive value in what you’re offering. You committed to help someone who has the ability to make decisions. Most people are preconditioned to recognize jobs not opportunities. Instead of chasing prospects, why not have prospects chase you? It is more productive and better management of your time. So how do you get prospects to chase you? Here is a few tips:

1. Create content that provides value such as personal development because success is an inside job.

2. Create content that addresses or solves a particular problem that your prospect has such as finding leads and how to converse with them.

3. Be accessible to your prospects even if they are not in your business yet because they might join later on.

4. Continue to brand and position yourself not your opportunity. When you do these things, you will establish yourself as an authority and people will want to do business with you. No longer will you have to chase prospects. They will chase you instead.

Much success,

Calvin Moss


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