It’s Okay To Be You

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We live in a world where people are conforming to an image that is acceptable with the masses. For that reason, individuals experience an identity crisis. This is true particularly in our youth. Young men want to be like the idols they see in rap music videos. Young girls want to look like the women they view on reality shows. If these children do not conform to those images, they feel like their lives are corny and don’t count.

If we are going to fit in with someone why not fit in with God? God doesn’t care about your face book status or how many tweets you get. He is not concerned about your designer apparel. God only cares about you. I’m not trying to be religious, only serious. It seems like everyone wants to be like someone else but no one wants to be like themselves. It is a sad thing when you base your self-worth on someone else.

I write this to say it’s okay being you. You were created for a unique purpose that no one else can fulfill. There must be at least a million celebrities on planet earth. I have never heard one of them say it’s okay to be you. Those words are also foreign to our family and friends.

People are hurting inside. They want to be socially acceptable by their peers. Suicidal thoughts haunt people who suffer with chronic self esteem issues. Sometimes, you have to tell yourself, I love myself and I’m okay with being me.

In conclusion, it’s okay being you. You do not need to change for anyone else, only yourself. Never allow anyone to convince you that your own individuality is unimportant. Some of our parents miss this point. They too want us to conform to an identity that fits their personal criteria. If no one ever tells you, understand that it is okay to be you. You will never be happy being someone that you are not.

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Much success,

Calvin Moss

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