Don’t Blame The Church, Blame Yourself

There are people in society who want to blame the church for the woes of the black community. In this article, I will address African Americans. The reason why is because in my experience, the majority of complaints against the church comes from African Americans.

About three months ago, I saw an excellent documentary. I believe the film was created and produced by African Americans. It was about the need for black people to start their own businesses and become financially empowered. The documentary also discussed things that are happening in the black community such as gentrification of black neighborhoods. The individuals who were talking and being interviewed in the documentary were black politicians and successful business owners.

After watching this documentary, I felt empowered. As a black business owner, I wanted to tell people I knew about the film, which I did. As I left the theatre, I thought about the connection between the black community and the church. I have heard statements such as the church is the backbone of the community. I’m reminded of a statement that a black psychologist made in the documentary. He stated something along the lines that blacks give to the church but have nothing to give to their communities.

The doctor went on to say that millions of dollars are given to the church every Sunday. Furthermore, he mentioned that the church puts the money in banks, who then turn around and give loans to real estate developers, who then build properties that forces blacks to move out of their neighborhoods because the rent is too high. In my opinion, that depends on what church you are talking about because not all churches are ordained by God. Some of these pastors are motivational speakers who were not called by God. Moreover, the banks do not need the church money to make bank loans to real estate developers. They are using your 401ks, pension accounts, bank accounts and your signature on your mortgage to make loans. There is about 10 trillion dollars of savings/investment monies sitting in banks and YOU have no control over them.

Now as a preacher, I am coming to the defense of the church not that God needs my defense. However, I will shed some light on why I feel the black community is poor and the church “seems” to do nothing about it.

If black people lost control of their communities, it is because we lost control of ourselves. A lack of love and unity makes it easy to divide a people. We are responsible for our own thinking and actions, not the church. We have to think for ourselves. I’m an entrepreneur because I made a decision to become one. I agree that you cannot build a community working a nine to five job. Only money that comes from a business or investment can provide such capital. Should the church talk about entrepreneurialism? Absolutely yes. However, the sole responsibility lies with man.

It is not the church fault that people are broke. Personal finance is personal. It makes no sense to drive an 60,000 dollar car when you only earn 100,000 dollars per year or less. We have to assume personal accountability. Faith without works is dead. You have to want to do something productive. Most church members are employees not employers. So it should be easy to understand why most people are broke. A job keeps you in a box financially.

Our neighborhoods are riddled with violence and depression because of a lack of concern, spiritual and personal development. Do not blame the church, blame yourself. Jesus didn’t do anything to no one. The bible says the thief(devil) comes to steal, to kill and to destroy. Jesus came to give life and more abundantly.

Our refusal to learn how money and capitalism works is also a reason the black community is poor. Our poor decisions and things that we place value on contribute to our defeated economic condition. The church cannot address issues that no one want to hear. Many blacks, not all, have a welfare mentality. We want politicians to do something for us. No, we have to do something ourselves. It is also important to understand that there is no such thing as a perfect church.

As far as solutions go, there is no quick formula. Start to read books on personal development. Before you can develop your wealth, you must first develop your mind. Personal development builds character, respect, confidence and a positive mental attitude. Our minds are conditioned for poverty and not prosperity. Join a network marketing organization and learn how to do the business. Network marketing gives the guy who doesn’t have much money the chance to earn the kind of money that a CEO makes at a fortune 500 company. You can get started for a few hundred dollars. There are opportunities all around you to build businesses and create wealth. However, you have to make a decision to get started.

In conclusion, don’t blame the church, blame yourself. Jesus has nothing to do with the black community being in the state it’s in. Once man opens the door for the devil, the enemy will walk in. We have a sin issue that we need to deal with. The church cannot assume all responsibility for the community. The community has a part to play in this also. In addition, the community has to want the church and not just on Sundays.

The church is the bride of Christ. When you mock the church, you mock God. When you mock God, you store up wrath upon yourself.

Calvin Moss.

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