Relationships Count


I wonder how many people underestimate the power of relationships. Relationships are important because they build rapport and trust. In addition, relationships foster interpersonal skills. There are different types of relationships. All have a purposeful meaning in our lives. Some examples of relationships are marriages, friendships, parenting and business associations.

As independent as we are, we all need someone to depend on. Relationships count because people count. You cannot depend solely on yourself because no man is an island.

In your moment of despair, it is that special someone who offers encouragement. When you need someone for advice, your friend is there for you. As soon as you need support your spouse has your back.  Mom or dad forever tells you I told you so. Business associations lead to business transactions.

Some of the problems that we encounter result from wrong relationships. Many people have made costly mistakes due to bad relations. These errors have cost individuals time, money and pain. Some, even death.

In conclusion, relationships count. There are times when you will have to walk alone. Nevertheless, relationships count. It may seem as if no one understands you. However, relationships count. I cringe when people say “I don’t need nobody.” People were created to work in synergy with one another. So let us honor and respect our relationships because no one is promised tomorrow.

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