It’s Your Heart That Counts, Not Your Title

heart image

Never in the history of the world, have people been more obsessed with titles than they are now. People care more about titles than they do character. If you don’t have an MD, PhD or some other symbol of representation, then you don‘t count in the eyes of people. In addition, your self worth is worthless.

I write to inform you that it’s your heart that counts not your title. Society seems to place more value on titles than the hearts of people. It doesn’t matter what kind of character or lack thereof, titles hold more weight than the hearts of people. How sad and unfortunate our society has become. People with big hearts get far less recognition than those with big titles.

Our world has become a breeding ground for corruption and deception. What happened to the heart? Financial executives are rewarded huge amounts of money for their failures yet, the average Joe is getting screwed for it. Anyone can get a title. However, thinking people understand that it’s the heart that counts.

Truthfully speaking, people are not as interested in the title of a person as one may think. Our political and educational system indoctrinated us to respect titles but disregard the heart. If you disregard the title, disciplinary action can be taken against you. These systems put more emphasis on the external instead of the internal. I feel that it is better to lead with your heart, not your title, because you heart tells the true story about you. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Instead of living a life of complete shallowness and vanity, why not live a life of service and love? It’s your heart that counts, not your title.

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