Writing Is A Work Of Art

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Writing is a form of creativity and a work of art. Just as an artist expresses his vision through painting, we as bloggers, express our vision by writing. Writing is food for the soul. A few good sentences can change a bad mood to a good one. Blogging is my way to share my message with the world. A world, that is hurting and in need a word of encouragement.

My passion for writing began about 11 years ago. I believe the foundation started in college. I read books on personal development and other informative material that is not common to mainstream university. I love words. Words gives you the ability to shape your vision and share it with readers. Just as an artist sculpts his artwork for display, you the artist, are sculpting your masterpiece for the world to read.

I love writing articles of inspiration and education. The reason I love these type of writings is because people love to be inspired and educated, myself included. What you put in your mind is usually what you put in your heart. What you put in your heart, is what you put out in life. Inspirational and informative writing, is an art form that can help people live a fruitful life.

As a young man, I couldn’t grasp the concept that the pen is mightier than the sword. As an older young man, now I understand. The pen can cause joy or it can cause pain. Writing gives your reader a chance to see what’s in your mind. Therefore, a connection is established and trust is built.

In conclusion, writing is a work of art. Writing is the platform that can change lives. It is the change agent that opens the mind to new possibilities. All it takes is the right message to touch someone’s heart. When this happens, a life is changed for the better and forever.

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Much Success,

Calvin Moss


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