Why Having A Reading Plan Of Personal Development Is Detrimental To Your Home Business Success


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As a home business owner, you are the CEO of your business. You need to have the right mindset to succeed. The only way to get that mindset is by reading positive information on a daily basis. You want to read books that deal with personal development. The reason why is because you will meet obstacles on your journey to success. Some of these obstacles are family and friends. These individuals are probably the biggest obstacles in business because they are closest to you.

Friends and family are the ones who tell you to go get a real job. They are most likely the ones who say I tried one of those deals before and they don’t work. Reading personal development material gives you a thick skin. This is so you can fend off the attacks of negative people. Unfortunately, negative people happen to be some of friends and family members.

Belief is another obstacle why you need to have a solid reading plan of personal development. If you do not believe you can succeed, you will not be in business too long. Many home business owners give up on their dreams because they do not believe. Self help books assist you to develop belief in yourself. Belief is the foundation for success. Without belief, you can not do anything. Personal development books will assist your belief to exceed your doubt.

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Yet, another obstacle could be former network marketers. On your journey to success, you may come across a former distributor who says I cold called, I paid for advertising etc and nothing worked. The reality is that most home business owners are not building their business like they say they are. Do not listen to former frustrated net workers. Your success zone is out of your comfort zone and that’s the truth.

Some of the most powerful books I’ve read has helped me to remain focused and persistent in my entrepreneurial endeavors. There were times when I wanted to give up. This is because I didn’t get the results I was looking for. Books such as “success through a positive mental attitude” had a profound effect on my entrepreneurial life. Each time I read that book, I learned something new. Mentally, I grew stronger and got better everyday. As I read more, I became more. If you want to build a business, or be in a place of significant leadership, you must have a reading plan to help you move forward.

In conclusion, the ole’ saying is true. Leaders are readers. Reading plans are detrimental to your personal success. How else can you inspire others if you can’t inspire yourself? There is not one entrepreneur who has built a business who does not read. keep a daily reading plan of personal development and you will get ahead and experience home business success.


Calvin Moss

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