You Gotta Believe

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An online group discussion was taking place on Linkedin some days ago. The moderator asked the group a question. He said what challenges are you facing in your business currently? A young lady said getting prospects to actually commit. As I read her statement, I began to think about my challenges in that area as well. Then I realized that every networker shares that same obstacle.

I responded with people do not commit because they do not believe in what’s possible for their lives. You really cannot help people believe because belief comes from within. You gotta believe that you can live the life of your dreams. No one else can do that for you. You can read all the personal development books in their world. If you do not believe, then those books will not help you. The fire in your heart must already be kindled to want more from life.

After working 20 plus years, people stop dreaming. They stop believing that massive success is possible for them. They let circumstances dictate their lives. When you tell these individuals that they can earn a full time income working part time hours, they think you’re running a scam. This is because in their minds, the only way you can make money is to work a traditional job. Well, what I’m talking about is not traditional. Traditional thinking will get you what everyone else has. It is important to think out of the box.

In conclusion, you gotta believe. You must break down the barriers that has been built up in your mind. Let go of the ideals that have contributed to your spiritual, physical and economical poverty. There is a system built just for you. This system wants to erase your ability to think, feel and act. This system wants to replace love with fear. You gotta believe that there is a better way. A way that is greater than what you can ask or think. But first, you gotta believe.

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Much success,

Calvin Moss

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