The Working World Has Changed(College Gone Wrong?)

college student cant find work image

The working world has changed since 2001. The month is May. It is graduation time for college students. Parents and relatives are happy that their babies are graduating. People are flying all over the world to attend graduations. Tens of thousands of dollars in debt are accrued. Now, it’s time to look for a job. There is just one problem. There is a decrease in well paying jobs. Unless, you want a job in law enforcement. By the way, I find it interesting that the only sector that hires all year round is law enforcement.

Anyway, most graduates didn’t complete four to eight years of academia to join law enforcement. Don’t get me wrong. My background is in law enforcement. I just assume that young professionals want a job in their chosen field of study. Why is it that students who finish college end up working in a completely different line of work? Isn’t that interesting. The answer is the working world has changed.

Hundreds of thousands of high paying jobs have been sent offshore. Particularly, in manufacturing. The jobs that are now created are low paying jobs. It is hard to feed a family and pay rent on a low wage job. More good paying jobs were lost than created. I also find that interesting. Corporations do not want to pay for your healthcare. Nor do they want to fund your pension. It is easier to send your job overseas to avoid making those payments. Executives say it’s too expensive to honor those financial obligations. Yet, the expense accounts, corporate jets and reckless squandering of financial resources go untouched. Again, interesting. Companies want to reduce workweek hours. In addition to that, these establishments want you to do more with less. Yet, they continue to do less with more.

More people are moving to places like New York to find work more than ever before. There is a great influx of Europeans also. But, we are told the markets are recovering. If the markets are recovering, why are there so many foreclosures? The universities know that there are more people going to college than well paying jobs available. Unfortunately, they continue to milk these young adults and their families for billions of dollars. College is a business and your debt is their asset. The debt is more valuable to the institution than the degree offered. How on earth can you pay back a loan of hundred thousand dollars or so, when you only make 40,000 per year?

college student cant find work image 2

In conclusion, the working world has changed. Sadly, many people can‘t see it. They continue to follow industrial age advice. I’m not putting down college. I was a student as well. Think about what you just read. Have you or someone you know got laid off or downsized? I know people who have. When it happened, do you know what they did? They went right back to school to get a masters or doctorates degree. Repeating the same ole thing and never learned. There is nothing wrong with working at a job. However, staying there without building your own business is. I hope this writing falls on good ground and plants a harvest of independence in your heart.

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