From Frustration To Determination

determination images 2

There are times when we get frustrated in life. No matter successful you are in life, you are bound to be frustrated at something or with someone. To be frustrated means to be disappointed by not attaining a certain goal for oneself. Maybe you, yourself, are trying to lose weight. You work out everyday and eat a good diet but still didn’t see a change. It is also frustrating to take a drivers test and fail repeatedly.

You may have experienced frustration with your spouse. You asked her or him to pay a bill for example. They forgot and you received a late payment charge. I’m reminded of an associate who used to tell his girlfriend all the time, not to drive on E. One late night, he gets a phone call from his girlfriend. She says she ran out of gas on the highway. Can you imagine how frustrated he was? Especially after telling her over again not to drive on E? Not to go off subject, but what is it about driving that women don’t get? Anyway, frustration is unavoidable. It is a process of life.

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What is it that you are frustrated with? Could it be your job because you didn’t get the promotion you asked for? Is your business not seeing the sales it once saw? I believe that being frustrated is one thing, but being determined is another. For me, the definition of determination means having a made up mind to achieve whatever I believe I can. It takes the same energy to be determined as it does to be frustrated. If you are trying to be successful in anything you do, determination is needed. It is easier to get frustrated than it is determined. It is one of the reasons why people give up quickly on their dreams.

In closing, I’ve heard of stories how people who were maimed and paralyzed went on to accomplish great things in life. They didn’t let their disabilities get in their way. They got in the way of their disabilities. Too many people are letting life get in their way, instead of getting in the way of life. Now is the time to get focused on what you want out of life. Your destiny requires you to be committed to the progress and grow through determination.

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Much Success,

Calvin Moss


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