Common mistakes in network marketing

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There are common MLM mistakes that wastes your time or money. As a new rep, you will make them hands down. How would you like to reduce and even eliminate those mistakes? First, there is a learning curve that we must go through or we will be cheating ourselves out of a personal experience. It is good to experiment with what works and what doesn’t. That way, you can coach people who are making those same mistakes.

There are several common errors that are popular in MLM. I will only go over a couple and then give you an invitation to an invaluable free training at the end. Obviously, we join MLM to make money and to be able to quit our jobs. We even want to retire our loved ones. But before we can get to the money, we have to learn some lessons. So here we go.

A common mistake that new distributors make is thinking that every person is a prospect. Truth be told, everyone you talk to is not a prospect. Network marketing is good for everyone. However, everyone is not good for network marketing. Most people you talk to have no interest in your business. People are trained to become employees. So most employees do not recognize opportunities. The school system indoctrinated them into thinking that the only way you can make money is with a real job. Unfortunately, most people who have real jobs, will have a real problem when they realize that their real jobs are really lost.

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So most people are not prospects. They didn’t come to you inquiring about your business, you came to them (we teach you how to get them to come to you instead).

Another common mistake in network marketing is focusing on the product instead the dream. The majority of the products offered through network marketing are good in my opinion. It just depends on your particular need for the product. I believe we should focus on the dream first, then the product second. People don’t join because of the products or even the business. They join people. But guess what? Before they join people, they join the dream.

People hate doing the same thing everyday. They want the freedom that network marketing offers. So focus on the dream, not the products because people are primarily interested in the dream. If you must talk about the product, emphasis should be on the benefits. That strategy works well for me.

Lastly, a common mistake in network marketing is not following up. Many reps get intimidated by the process of following up with prospects. New reps neglect to follow up because they don’t feel confident that they can make the sale. So they pre-qualify their prospects before actually knowing whether or not their prospects qualify to join them. The fortune is in the follow up. No follow up, no financial future.

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In conclusion, there are many common mistakes in network marketing. Chances are, if you are in networking, you probably made them or are making them now.

If you would like to fast track your way to success in network marketing, listen to the free training offered by a 25 year veteran who is a seven figure earner.

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Much Success,

Calvin Moss

Online Marketing Coach

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