Three Tips To Better Blogging

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Here are my three tips to better blogging. First off, blogging is big business. Everyone and their mother has a blog. There are many types of blogs. Some of them offer blogging tips, internet marketing tips, personal care advice and so on. I often feel like a person can learn more from a blog than a textbook. This is because a good blog offers so much value. When you offer value, there is no doubt that you are on your way to better blogging. Let’s go over the three tips to better blogging.

Tip#1. Know what your audience wants.

In order to blog better, you have to know what your audience want and deliver. Based on your niche, visitors will be looking for tips or advice that could help them personally or professionally. For example, if you have a fashion blog, your audience will be individuals who follow fashion trends. These people will visit your site to get tips on what to wear and what’s hot. By sharing your knowledge about what your audience want, you will position yourself to become a better and popular blogger. You can make lots of money as people value your content.

Tip#2. Receive and accept constructive criticism.

If we are going to get better at blogging, it is imperative that we receive and accept constructive criticism. I am a student of blogging and do not claim to know everything. If I want to blog better, I must open my mind and listen to someone who has more knowledge about the subject. It doesn’t matter if I like the feedback or not. If you want to be a better ball player, you have to allow someone who knows the game better to give you sound advice. You must permit them to give you constructive feedback that will elevate your game. Successful bloggers are receptive to objective opinions. They are not offended by them.

Tip#3. Blog often.

The best way to better blogging, is blogging often. I heard a good rule of thumb is four to five days a week. Personally, I prefer to blog three to four days a week. This is to prevent overkill as I am busy with other things. However, I will write ideas down so I will not forget to blog about them later. Blogging often, challenges me to continue blogging often. I am a writer first, and a blogger second. I believe that the more I blog, the better I become. So blogging often, will definitely assist you in better blogging.

In conclusion, I believe that if we implement these three tips, we will be on our way to better blogging. Blogging is not easy and requires hard work. You must be persistent and committed to the process. You have to immerse yourself into your subject to the point that it almost consumes you. You have to become one with your writings. The world is waiting for what you and I have to offer. As we share our offers, we will become better bloggers.

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Calvin Moss

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One thought on “Three Tips To Better Blogging

  1. Great advice especially for a newbie such as myself… Lol!

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