Writing A Good Blog Takes Time


We learn in the blogging world that you must blog daily. I subscribe to some blogs and notice that some bloggers are blogging two or three times a day. While I believe that blogging frequently is important, I feel that quality blogging is better. As far as blogging goes, quality triumphs quantity everytime. Writing a good blog post takes time because you have to think about what your people in your niche would want to read.

As a blogger, you aspire to begin with the reader in mind. Blogging should not be a rush job. Some patience is needed. So writing a good blog takes time because good blogging is a process. We all want to write great blog posts. In order to be great, we have to first be good. We have to invest the time. Time is neccessary to get good results. So what constitutes a good blog? I believe a good blog is both inspirational and educational. The reader should walk away with a clear understanding of what the blog post is about and applicable knowledge.

Blogging is not easy. It is a challenge to come up with original content. However, your life experiences are original. You can start there. At heart, I am a writer. I love the idea of writing something that can inspire people to go after their dreams. I don’t blog just to blog. I blog to educate, inspire and motivate. I believe that this is one of the best ways to have an impact on individuals. In many cases, this is better than public education. I was a college student before so I have some understanding on education. I prefer to use it differently.

In closing, writing a blog takes time. You will get out of it what you put in. The world is waiting for your message. Inject your personality into your work. Good blogging is the pathway to becoming great.

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Calvin Moss

3 thoughts on “Writing A Good Blog Takes Time

  1. Wonderful and wise words

  2. I think a lot about that. I want to provide consistent content, but sometimes lack the inspiration and/or the time for working on a piece that will be useful, clear and inspiring. As regards the inspiration part, I take notes of ideas throughout the day – I have a long
    list of subjects I would
    like to write about. Getting to actually write is another history… I end up writing about what is on my mind on a particular day (as inspiration for a complete piece, not only subjects) and leave the other ideas for later. I am
    trying to get organized and make a
    plan without losing the spontaneity of inspiration. It is hard and I didn’t get to an optimal point yet. Any tips?

  3. Hi, I also blog about blogging. I offer blogging tips to bloggers. Do you really blog every single day? How long are your posts? I try for 1,000 words for SEO purposes. I produce original content three times a week but my site publishes five times a week. I am always looking for blogging-related links for my Thursday Weekly Roundup if you are interested in getting more exposure. Nice to meet you. Janice

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