Four Reasons Why you Should Have A Blog


There are four reasons why you should have a blog. First of all, what is a blog? When I first heard of the word blog, I thought it was something disgusting like the word blob. Later on, I realized that they were two different words with distinguishing meanings. The Wikipedia definition for blog is a discussion or informational site published on the web consisting of discreet entries. In layman terms, a blog is a body of work posted online. It is a personal platform that allows you to share your thoughts on a particular subject. Why have a blog? You should have a blog for the following reasons:

Product or service.

If you are offering a product or service, a blog will help educate consumers on how you can help them. You could include testimonials from other users and even your own experiences. In addition, your blog can keep visitors updated on new product releases.


Another reason why you should have a blog is because it builds your credibility as a blogger. Through blogging, you are branding yourself as a credible source of information. All leaders who desire to brand themselves online, have blogs. Since leadership is influence, your blog will be key in promoting your leadership. As your credibility grows so will your edification.

Attraction marketing.

I first heard of attraction marketing from an expert who created a business program called magnetic sponsoring. As you market your expertise, people will begin to attract themselves to you. This can only happen if you provide valuable content. One thing people love is information. The more information you publish, the more people will share your work and refer friends to your blog. Your blog could go viral almost overnight!

Building relationships.

If you want to have success, building relationships are crucial. People do business with folks who they know, like and trust. A blog gives visitors a chance to learn more about you on a personal level. That’s why your about page is important. All throughout your life, you’ve built relationships. It works the same way in business. Trust is the determing factor, in someone wanting to proceed further with you in relations.

In conclusion, these are my four reasons why you should have a blog. There is a world of people waiting for your message. Your blog is where you express your story to the world. Even if you share the same niche as someone else, your personality and testimony will be different.

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Calvin Moss.

About the author:

Calvin Moss is a writer/blogger and home business entrepreneur. He lives in New York City with his wife and daughter. More of his work can be seen at

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