how to get leads for your home business

Many people want to know how to get leads for their home business. There are many ways to get these leads however, there are different kinds of leads. There are free and paid leads that you can use to build your business. Having said that, let’s get into how to get leads for your home business. So what is a lead? A lead is someone who has opted in to receive some information regarding a particular matter i.e. how to get leads for your home business.

So there are free leads and paid leads. Examples of free leads are the ones you get from Facebook  prospecting, meet-up prospecting and forum prospecting etc. Examples of paid leads are Facebook ads, pay per click ads and solo ads etc.

How do you get leads?

The first thing you have to do before you get leads, is decide which type of  strategy you want to use. Once you decide, you want to promote something that solves a problem for your reader and gives some type kind of value.

Free video or blog report 

An example is a free report or video that shows how to specifically  attract people to you that will cause them to want to join you in business. Post it in as many groups as possible. You can also offer it through an autoresponder to capture the person’s name and email therefore, that person becomes a lead. Make videos or reports about the benefits of your business and what makes it unique. Mention a marketing strategy that they can use to build their business once they join you. This takes the guess work out of the what’d I do when I get started questions. People who are looking for a business to join will consider you because you went beyond the “I want you to join my business”non-sense.

Free samples

Another example of how to generate leads for your home business is to give away a free sample of your product in exchange for the contact info of the person receiving the sample. Afterwards, you will follow up with him or her.


Third, you could do a webinar talking about the benefits of joining your business. Webinars are powerful because they allow you to brand and promote your expertise in front of a potentially large audience. You can have people opt in for the webinar. When they do, they become a lead. At the end of the webinar, offer something for free when the prospect gets started. Hence, another way to get a lead.

Networking Events

Networking events that are targeted to your niche can be used to generate leads. Attend an event in your area and leave your business cards home. You talk to people within the group. You collect their business cards and listen to their pitch. After the event, when you are home, sort the cards out and follow up within 24-48 hours.

Tip: Most people focus on business networking events to grow their business which is good. However, you wan to focus on social networking events. These places are where people come together to socialize and build relationships. There are no business pitching here. Remember this business is about building relationships. If someone ask what you do, tell them but don’t throw up on them. Give a sample if you have that kind of product.

In conclusion, These are some the ways to get leads for your home business. If you want to learn how to dominate Facebook where over a billion leads are CLICK HERE. There,  you will learn the strategies the top earners in our organization use to dominate Facebook and all social media. GO HERE now.

About the author:

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Calvin Moss is a writer/blogger and home business professional. He lives in New York City with his wife and daughter. Mr.Moss can be found on Facebook.






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