Developing yourself as a leader


Developing yourself as a leader is crucial to becoming successful in any field. If you are  a network marketer, it is your first priority. Although we all start off as followers, you will be a leader in the making. Most people do not want to be leaders, they just want to make money. Well, the money is the end result of good leadership. Let’s talk about the ways you can develop yourself as a leader.

What is leadership? Leadership is influence. It is never asking someone to do something that you are not willing to do yourself. Real leaders keep their word and support their people, not with lip service. So leadership is service to your fellow man.


A book I recommend is by Dr. John Maxwell, a well known business man and author of several leadership books and courses. It’s called the “21 irrefutable laws of leadership”. If you follow these rules, people will follow you. You can go to Barnes and Nobles or to purchase this book and other similar books.

Another way to develop yourself as a leader, is to join toastmaster club in your local area. Toastmasters has several opportunities to assist you in leadership development. You will definitely get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Many people in the business world have come through toastmasters. I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone which one of your first priorities as a leader.

In conclusion, developing yourself as a leader plays a big part in your success. You must put yourself out there, creating blog posts and videos. You must have a vision for where you want to go. It begins with your mindset.

About the author:

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Calvin Moss is a writer/blogger and home business entrepreneur. He assists people from all walks of life to succeed in home business. Mr. Moss lives in New York City with his wife and daughter.



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