The Four Steps To Network Marketing Success That Most Marketers Neglect.


There are four steps to earning money in network marketing/direct sales. These steps are the reasons why people succeed but also the reasons why people do not. The steps are simple but we often make it hard by getting in the way. The steps are inviting, presenting, collecting a decision, and consistency.


The invite is exactly what it means. You are inviting prospects to take a look at your business project and getting their feedback on what they saw. Some will respond back and some won’t. The problem is that most marketers are not inviting enough and regularly. This business requires that you talk to people. This a people business like any other business so you need people. Unfortunately, most networkers think posting their links everywhere on social media and spamming is inviting people to looks their business and it’s not. Inviting and imposing are two different things.


Presenting is basically using a video, sizzle call or live meeting to expose your prospect to your opportunity, products and services. The objective is to get more people in front of your presentation with the hopes that they could make an educated decision about your offer. Most networkers are not actively presenting their offers. They’re hoping that people inbox them asking for the presentation link.  The more you present, the more you increase your chances for  greater success.

Collecting a decision( follow up)

After you’ve presented your opportunity etc, now it’s time to collect a decision. All you’re looking for after the information was seen is a yes I’m in or no, I’m not. This is the time to adress objections, not beg, chase or convince. Many people don’t collect the decision because they feel like they’re bothering the prospect. They think that if the prospect is serious, they will reach out to them instead. Sometimes that works, most times it doesn’t. You have to actively collect the decision, it’s your opportunity.


A lack of Consistency is probably the biggest reason why people don’t get anywhere in this industry. They’ll start something and go really hard in their business for two weeks, fizzle out and then say this doesn’t work. You have to remain consistent even when you don’t yet see the results you want. A lack of consistency is the reason why people have been losing the same 30 pounds for the last five years. It’s normally due to a lack of focus.


In conclusion, these are the four steps to network marketing success that most marketers neglect: inviting, presenting, collecting a decision, consistency. The more you do the things mentioned above, the better you’ll get. Jim Rohn says repetition is the mother of skill. Your sponsor is not responsible for getting the work done. It’s on you, sponsors are there to help. There’s a rumor that says the network marketing industry has a very high failure rate. If that’s true, we now know the reason why. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable and your results and world will change.

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About the author

Calvin Moss is a blogger and home business professional. He lives in New York City and South Carolina with his wife and daughter.




Building A Business Takes Time

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Building a business takes time. It requires patience and persistence. One of the challenges that we all have as business owners is the desire to build fast. While building fast is good, we must keep in mind that there is a process involved. If you ask any top earner, what made them successful, they will talk about the journey they had to take. Who wouldn’t want a six figure business built over night? Who wouldn’t a shortened learning curve? Thankfully, I am part of an online marketing community that shortens the learning curve.

By building a business the fast way, we cheat ourselves out of valuable experience success is obtained through the experience. One of the reasons why people quit is because they expect to build their business fast. They read articles and watch videos that make grandiose statements about making tons of money in a short time. You can make that kind of money BUT it depends on your influence and/or marketing budget.

We live in a microwave society. We want things fast and we want them now. Building a business takes time. There are no shortcuts to success. You have to think, learn and do. All components are critical to business success. Entrepreneurship requires that you learn a different set of skills. Do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed with too much information at once. Since building a business takes time, take your time.

In conclusion, building a business takes time. You will reap what you sow but not instantly. Keep educating yourself and most of all don’t quit.

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Much success,

Calvin Moss

MLM Sponsoring Tips On How To Attract Prospects

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There are several MLM sponsoring tips on how to attract prospects you. When you first get started in MLM, you are told to make a list 50 business builders and 50 product consumers. This list includes family, friends and co workers. The problem is that most people you talk to, are not interested in starting an MLM business or any enterprise.

We are told to prospect at shopping malls and coffee shops. There are people who do quite well from mall and restaurant prospecting. I believe that attracting prospects to you is smarter than chasing them. It can be quite frustrating to go after prospects only to have them reject your opportunity. So how do we attract people to us especially without raising a red flag in their minds?

There are several ways to attract prospects to you. One way is through content marketing. Content is king. Your content must be educational and encouraging to your readers. Furthermore, it must be actionable. Offer your literature through a blog or a video. Lastly, your content should be original.

Another way you can attract prospects to you is by commenting and making informative statements on business forum sites. Based on the questions asked, your comments to those questions can build authority for you and attract visitors to your website or blog. The more eyeballs you get, the greater the potential for sales. A third way to attract prospects is to give something away for free. People love the word free. This can a free coaching session or an E-book. Personally speaking, I give away free coffee and tea to individuals and businesses. Just send me an email.

In conclusion, there are probably dozens of MLM sponsoring tips on how to attract. Time and consistency is required. Attraction also requires imagination and persistence. The more tips you learn, the more knowledgeable and successful you’ll become.

Much success,

Calvin Moss

Network Marketing Is The Bailout For The Little Guy

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Network marketing has been around for decades. It has made many people who had the courage to succeed very wealthy. In 2007-08, transnational corporations received billions of dollars from government. These monies were given in the form of bailouts that taxpayers were on the hook for “temporarily”. Well, it turned out that taxpayers were on the hook for it permanently. My definition of a bailout is monies given to businesses and institutions to pay for their mismanagement and irresponsibility of financial resources. A bailout is a financial term used by wall street.

It amazes me that taxpayers can be held liable for the financial errors of corporations instead of the companies themselves. Bailouts only exist for the big guys, but what about the little guys? After all, the little guys are paying for the mistakes of the big guys. It seems as if no one is concerned about the average Joe.

Politicians give speeches to make you think they care about the working class but afterwards, do nothing. Well, it’s time that we do something. Nothing has been going on long enough. Network marketing is the bailout for the little guy. It is a bailout because it prevents the little guy from getting screwed. Furthermore, it levels the playing field. There is no loyalty between the employer and employee. Your security doesn’t exist and your 401k is at risk. What you once considered stable, is now on shaky ground.

bailout images

In conclusion, network marketing is the bailout for the little guy. I strongly believe 2016 will be more of the same deception. If you think politicians are going to bail you out, think again. The only bailout for the little guy is the one he provides for himself. Network marketing is the last chance for the common man. There are many opportunities available to you. To get a view of what my bailout plan looks like click here.

Network Marketing IS The Dream

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Network marketing is a business model that has been around for decades. It’s a business for people who like helping other people. The business model offers top notch products to consumers around the world, who have a desire to improve the quality of their lives. Examples of these products are health and wellness, financial services, travel services etc. Network marketing is a solution for individuals looking for an alternative to the traditional 9 to 5.

There are uneducated people who call network marketing a pyramid scheme. To be perfectly clear, a pyramid scheme is when money is changing hands but there is no legitimate product being moved or service fulfilled. These schemes are partly what gives network marketing a bad rap. Unethical programs like these pollute our industry giving people a negative outlook on our profession.

The other part that gives network marketing a poor image is bad business people. Let’s be honest, there are bad people in every industry so network marketing is no exception. One must associate him or herself with the good people and be held personally accountable for their own success.

Some people feel that the type of product you have makes the difference in network marketing. I believe that it’s not so much about the product nor has it ever been. It’s about the dream, plain and simple. It’s also about people since people are the ones with money. Personally speaking, it’s about the dream. I dream of the people I can help effectively and the things I can do politically.

Network marketing has made it possible for the average person who doesn’t have much money to dream again. Most people have given up on their dreams. The American dream of owning a home and retiring in style is becoming an American nightmare. I see many people working past their retirement age and are afraid that they STILL will not be able to retire. Yet, the folks who are retired now have to go out and find another job just to supplement their retirement incomes. What kind of retirement is that? I believe that corporate America and the public sector are the enemies of the poor and the middle class because most well paying jobs that existed decades ago, are now in India and china. Far easterners are being paid less than half of what Americans use to earn.

In conclusion, when people wake up and join network marketing, they are choosing freedom over security which by the way, doesn’t exist anymore. The home business industry is the last chance for the common man who wants to take his financial life back from the dictatorship of corporate America and the public sector. Choose freedom or choose slavery by default. Network marketing is the dream that can take you from where you are now to where you want to be in the future.

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Much Success

Calvin Moss


Organo Gold

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Organo Gold is an international business model. Organo Gold offers health and wellness through a variety of coffee and teas that are consumed by millions around the world. Organo Gold was founded in 2008 out of British Columbia, by Mr. Bernard Chua.

The company was marketed and developed by master distributor Mr. Shane Moran and executive VP of sales Mr. Holton Buggs. Organo Gold is in approximately 35 countries at this time. With over one hundred thousand distributors, Organo Gold will continue to expand into new markets.

Why Coffee?

organo image 3

Coffee is the second most traded commodity on the stock market. Coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world. Globally speaking, people consume coffee and tea daily without giving it a second thought.

You may travel once or twice a year, but you are going to drink your coffee or tea everyday. Whether you are selling financial or home cleaning products, you are most likely going to start your day with coffee or tea.

In conclusion, you get paid to drink coffee(or Tea) and give out free samples. There are not many health and wellness companies that allow customers to sample their products before buying. The compensation plan is one of the best in network marketing. No other company can offer you freedom and coffee the way Organo Gold does. Organo Gold is a business model that is second to none. Its leadership is influence. Its name speaks for itself: GOLD.

organo image 1

Much Success,

Calvin Moss