The Four Steps To Network Marketing Success That Most Marketers Neglect.


There are four steps to earning money in network marketing/direct sales. These steps are the reasons why people succeed but also the reasons why people do not. The steps are simple but we often make it hard by getting in the way. The steps are inviting, presenting, collecting a decision, and consistency.


The invite is exactly what it means. You are inviting prospects to take a look at your business project and getting their feedback on what they saw. Some will respond back and some won’t. The problem is that most marketers are not inviting enough and regularly. This business requires that you talk to people. This a people business like any other business so you need people. Unfortunately, most networkers think posting their links everywhere on social media and spamming is inviting people to looks their business and it’s not. Inviting and imposing are two different things.


Presenting is basically using a video, sizzle call or live meeting to expose your prospect to your opportunity, products and services. The objective is to get more people in front of your presentation with the hopes that they could make an educated decision about your offer. Most networkers are not actively presenting their offers. They’re hoping that people inbox them asking for the presentation link.  The more you present, the more you increase your chances for  greater success.

Collecting a decision( follow up)

After you’ve presented your opportunity etc, now it’s time to collect a decision. All you’re looking for after the information was seen is a yes I’m in or no, I’m not. This is the time to adress objections, not beg, chase or convince. Many people don’t collect the decision because they feel like they’re bothering the prospect. They think that if the prospect is serious, they will reach out to them instead. Sometimes that works, most times it doesn’t. You have to actively collect the decision, it’s your opportunity.


A lack of Consistency is probably the biggest reason why people don’t get anywhere in this industry. They’ll start something and go really hard in their business for two weeks, fizzle out and then say this doesn’t work. You have to remain consistent even when you don’t yet see the results you want. A lack of consistency is the reason why people have been losing the same 30 pounds for the last five years. It’s normally due to a lack of focus.


In conclusion, these are the four steps to network marketing success that most marketers neglect: inviting, presenting, collecting a decision, consistency. The more you do the things mentioned above, the better you’ll get. Jim Rohn says repetition is the mother of skill. Your sponsor is not responsible for getting the work done. It’s on you, sponsors are there to help. There’s a rumor that says the network marketing industry has a very high failure rate. If that’s true, we now know the reason why. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable and your results and world will change.

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Calvin Moss is a blogger and home business professional. He lives in New York City and South Carolina with his wife and daughter.




Is building a business offline still effective?


In today’s post, I want to talk about whether or not building your business offline is still effective. Currently, there is a train of thought in the industry that says old school network marketing is dead. Many online “gurus” say that cold calling is dead or the three feet rule is old news. Nothing could be further from the truth. Those strategies still work and always will as long as people exist. No someone may say “wait a minute, I live in a town of only a thousand people, how could that work for me”? The answer is to use online strategies, work your town and go out of town if that is realistically doable.

In my opinion, attraction marketing doesn’t mean that you completely disregard human interaction. Network marketing is still a face to face business. If you think about it, all of the top seven figure earners in MLM built their business offline first and used attraction marketing to leverage their success and credibility. I’m a fan of online network marketing by all means. I just believe that traditional marketing produces results because we are in the people business. People are online and offline.


I also believe that what you are marketing makes a difference. Some products and services are better promoted offline. For example if you have a physical product that you can give out as a sample  you will have better success. People love the free things so all you have to do is give your product out. Online, people are a little reluctant to give you their personal information. This is because they do not know you and you lack credibility.

In conclusion, building your business online is still effective because people still like to interact with each other. Can you imagine a world where there is no human contact and everything you need must be done online? No matter whether you are doing offline or online marketing, you still have to sell. Unfortunately, many online marketers think you don’t have to sell. That’s simply not true. You are selling business systems, sales funnels. Don’t allow technology to rob you of building real and lasting relationships.


About the author:

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Calvin Moss is a blogger and home business owner. He lives in New York City with his wife and daughter. Mr. Moss can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

How to become more attractive to your prospects


Today, we are talking about how to become more attractive to your prospect. When I say attractive, I’m not talking about physical appearance. I’m talking about professional business.

So here are some ways to become attractive to your prospects.

  1. Become the person you want to work with. People want to work with quality people of like mind who they can get results with. They want to work with people they can trust.
  2. You become more attractive when you share engaging posts, inspirational posts, results and success posts.
  3. The third way you become more attractive is by sharing marketing tips that can help someone even if they are not business partners with you.

So those are some ways to become attractive to your prospects. If you want to learn how to attract people to you and not your business, click here for more information.

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Calvin Moss is a writer/blogger and home business entrepreneur. He lives in New York City with his wife and daughter.




Two reasons why people are not successful in MLM



It is said that approximately 97% of people who are in a network marketing or MLM company do not succeed. The question I have is why are not more people succeeding in network marketing? If people are succeeding, that means anyone can succeed. Then I looked at the business habits that the individuals who are successful have, and the habits that unsuccessful people have.

There was a HUGE difference. The successful ones were reading books, exercising, creating content and connecting with 10plus people per day.  Then I looked at the habits of the unsuccessful. They did no reading, didn’t create any content or give away anything of value. Rarely, did the unsuccessful connect with people. They worked their businesses when they felt like it. Nor did they attend conferences or training calls.

I want to address two of the popular reasons why people are unsuccessful and hopefully get people to see what they need to work on.

Starting and stopping

when most people get started in MLM, they tell everyone they know about this great opportunity they found. They’re reading the books that their sponsor recommended, listen to training calls and save some money to attend live events. After hearing no repeatedly and getting no shows, slowly network marketers become lazy and complacent with their business. Too much rejection and adversity causes them to stop working. So they take a break and that break turns into quitting.

Starting and stopping doesn’t build momentum. It actually stops your growth personally and professionally. There is no way to achieve any goal by starting and stopping. In addition to that, it becomes a habit. Starting and stopping leads to network marketers to believe that this business doesn’t work especially after they “tried”working the business but nothing is working.


Have nothing to offer

Another reason why people are unsuccessful is because they have nothing to offer. Most reps only have a company link as every other rep and nothing more. You have to give people a reason to join you. A link is not enough. In order to successful in network marketing, especially online, you need to have something to offer. Some kind of training on how to build your business on Facebook for example, is very value. If you don’t have a training of your own, you can leverage someone else’s training.

When you have training material that shows how to build a business, prospects are going to say this guy knows what he’s talking about, and will more likely join you because you gave them ideas on how to build their business. Keep in mind that the training that you offer must be different than the training that your company offers.

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Calvin Moss is a writer/blogger and home business entrepreneur. He lives in New York City with his wife and daughter.




Why Do Network Marketers Fail?

Why do network marketers fail? People fail in network marketing for different reasons. Allegedly, network marketing has a failure rate of about 97%. Network marketing is primarily about creating relationships. Part of life involves connecting with people. From childhood through adulthood, you engaged in relationships. You developed these relationships on a personal and professional level. So there should be no excuse.

A reason why people fail in network marketing is certainly not because of their sponsor. It has nothing to do with their comp plan or products and services. So what are the reasons or excuses behind the failure rate? If people are succeeding, then the business works. Having failed in a few businesses, I feel qualified to give my two cents on why people fail. Here are my reasons why network marketers fail in MLM.

Reason #1. Lack of consistency.

If you are marketing your business off and on, you will never succeed in network marketing. This business requires commitment to diligence. You may not be able to build your business every single day, but you should be consistent. If you look into the activities of the so called “97ers”, you will find that 97% of the time they are doing nothing. You have to do something to move forward. It’s that simple. So, a lack of consistency is a reason why people fail in network marketing.

Reason #2 Only talking to friends and family.

Only talking to friends and family will keep you broke. This is because most friends and family are broke. Not financially, but mentally. Most of our loved ones do not have an interest in starting their own business. In addition, they do not care about how great your company is. Especially if you are just starting out and not yet making any money. Earning a top earner salary requires you to expand your circle of influence beyond your friends and family.

Reason #3 No Time.

Many distributors want to build their business but they don’t have the time. This was my problem also. Working 5-6 days a week can be tiring on the body and mind. You come home to cook dinner and do homework with the kids. After all this work is done, particularly if you are a single parent, the last thing you want to do is build a business. In order for you to become successful you need to find the time. Use some of your lunch break. If possible, ask your boss if you can leave early here and there. You could also leverage the internet with a marketing lead generation system to assist you to build your business. Bottom line, you have to find the time somehow, to make network marketing work.

Reason #4 No money to buy product.

I assume that in every company, there is a monthly product commitment required. The commitment is necessary to keep your business centers open for qualification. If your company offers a consumable product, you need to buy some for personal use, retailing and sampling. Not having money to buy products will cause you to fail. You must invest in your business.

In conclusion, these are the reasons why network marketers fail. There are other reasons however, the ones listed are pretty common. Be consistent and communicate with people other than your friends and family. Allocate some time to build your business, even if it’s on your lunch break. Find ways to buy product to consume, retail and make money.

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Calvin Moss is home business professional. He is lives in New York City with his wife and daughter. Calvin Moss can be found on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.





Common mistakes in network marketing

mlm mistakes images 1a

There are common MLM mistakes that wastes your time or money. As a new rep, you will make them hands down. How would you like to reduce and even eliminate those mistakes? First, there is a learning curve that we must go through or we will be cheating ourselves out of a personal experience. It is good to experiment with what works and what doesn’t. That way, you can coach people who are making those same mistakes.

There are several common errors that are popular in MLM. I will only go over a couple and then give you an invitation to an invaluable free training at the end. Obviously, we join MLM to make money and to be able to quit our jobs. We even want to retire our loved ones. But before we can get to the money, we have to learn some lessons. So here we go.

A common mistake that new distributors make is thinking that every person is a prospect. Truth be told, everyone you talk to is not a prospect. Network marketing is good for everyone. However, everyone is not good for network marketing. Most people you talk to have no interest in your business. People are trained to become employees. So most employees do not recognize opportunities. The school system indoctrinated them into thinking that the only way you can make money is with a real job. Unfortunately, most people who have real jobs, will have a real problem when they realize that their real jobs are really lost.

mlm mistakes images 2

So most people are not prospects. They didn’t come to you inquiring about your business, you came to them (we teach you how to get them to come to you instead).

Another common mistake in network marketing is focusing on the product instead the dream. The majority of the products offered through network marketing are good in my opinion. It just depends on your particular need for the product. I believe we should focus on the dream first, then the product second. People don’t join because of the products or even the business. They join people. But guess what? Before they join people, they join the dream.

People hate doing the same thing everyday. They want the freedom that network marketing offers. So focus on the dream, not the products because people are primarily interested in the dream. If you must talk about the product, emphasis should be on the benefits. That strategy works well for me.

Lastly, a common mistake in network marketing is not following up. Many reps get intimidated by the process of following up with prospects. New reps neglect to follow up because they don’t feel confident that they can make the sale. So they pre-qualify their prospects before actually knowing whether or not their prospects qualify to join them. The fortune is in the follow up. No follow up, no financial future.

mlm mistakes images 1

In conclusion, there are many common mistakes in network marketing. Chances are, if you are in networking, you probably made them or are making them now.

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Calvin Moss

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