The Four Steps To Network Marketing Success That Most Marketers Neglect.


There are four steps to earning money in network marketing/direct sales. These steps are the reasons why people succeed but also the reasons why people do not. The steps are simple but we often make it hard by getting in the way. The steps are inviting, presenting, collecting a decision, and consistency.


The invite is exactly what it means. You are inviting prospects to take a look at your business project and getting their feedback on what they saw. Some will respond back and some won’t. The problem is that most marketers are not inviting enough and regularly. This business requires that you talk to people. This a people business like any other business so you need people. Unfortunately, most networkers think posting their links everywhere on social media and spamming is inviting people to looks their business and it’s not. Inviting and imposing are two different things.


Presenting is basically using a video, sizzle call or live meeting to expose your prospect to your opportunity, products and services. The objective is to get more people in front of your presentation with the hopes that they could make an educated decision about your offer. Most networkers are not actively presenting their offers. They’re hoping that people inbox them asking for the presentation link.  The more you present, the more you increase your chances for  greater success.

Collecting a decision( follow up)

After you’ve presented your opportunity etc, now it’s time to collect a decision. All you’re looking for after the information was seen is a yes I’m in or no, I’m not. This is the time to adress objections, not beg, chase or convince. Many people don’t collect the decision because they feel like they’re bothering the prospect. They think that if the prospect is serious, they will reach out to them instead. Sometimes that works, most times it doesn’t. You have to actively collect the decision, it’s your opportunity.


A lack of Consistency is probably the biggest reason why people don’t get anywhere in this industry. They’ll start something and go really hard in their business for two weeks, fizzle out and then say this doesn’t work. You have to remain consistent even when you don’t yet see the results you want. A lack of consistency is the reason why people have been losing the same 30 pounds for the last five years. It’s normally due to a lack of focus.


In conclusion, these are the four steps to network marketing success that most marketers neglect: inviting, presenting, collecting a decision, consistency. The more you do the things mentioned above, the better you’ll get. Jim Rohn says repetition is the mother of skill. Your sponsor is not responsible for getting the work done. It’s on you, sponsors are there to help. There’s a rumor that says the network marketing industry has a very high failure rate. If that’s true, we now know the reason why. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable and your results and world will change.

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About the author

Calvin Moss is a blogger and home business professional. He lives in New York City and South Carolina with his wife and daughter.




Stop Begging Prospects To Look At Your MLM Opportunity

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When we first get started in MLM, we want everyone we know to look at our business. We know we have a goldmine because our sponsor said so. So we hunt people down to the point that even our friends don’t want to be bothered anymore. This is because the light bill is due and the gas bill too. We are behind on the mortgage, and bill collectors are calling. Nevertheless, we beg and beg until someone says, “ok! I will look at your stinking business!”.

Where did this begging mentality come from? It came from desperation. MLM is the light at the end of the tunnel. It is a ticket to personal and financial freedom. In network marketing, you can do things that you could never do with a job. Yet, we continue to beg prospects to see our presentation. Network marketing requires you to handle yourself from a position of power. You don’t want everyone in your business. You only want people who are committed to the process of practicing a few disciplines consistently.

Stop begging prospects to look at your business. You have the goose that lays the golden eggs. When you beg potential business partners to look at your business program, you are coming from a needy position. When people sense that, do you know what they say? They say NO!! Instead of you disqualifying them, they disqualify you.

In conclusion, stop begging prospects to look at your MLM opportunity. If you convince them to join you, you will convince them not to quit. Begging makes you look like an amateur salesman, not a professional net worker.

Much Success,

Calvin Moss

Your MLM Success Will Depend On These Three Things

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In order to become successful in this business, your MLM success will depend on several factors. Many new reps want to know how to build a business without having to chase friends and family. They want to know exactly what it will take to build their organization. I’ve written down a few things that I believe will help you in your quest for MLM success.

Number one: start with personal development.

The purpose of personal development is to help you gain the mindset of an entrepreneur. As a home business owner, it is imperative to have mental toughness when things do not go as planned. You want to have a thick skin when people tell you no. personal growth books, articles and audios were created for your access and convenience. The books are too numerous to name here. Go to or your local book store and search for the self improvement. There, you will find a huge selection of books that will be of interest.

Number two: Attraction marketing.

The second thing your MLM success will depend on is attraction marketing. Attraction marketing is the future of network marketing. You have to attract people to you by branding yourself as an expert. Magnetic sponsoring occurs when you provide value. As you provide value over time, you can’t help but draw people to you. You need to have a blog and create some content. It can be a blog post or a video. Your blog site should tell your reader something about you and what it is you offer. Your blog should be able to address a problem that your target audience is struggling with.

Number three: building relationships.

The third thing that your MLM success depends on and is very important is building relationships. The essence of network marketing is relationship building. People feel comfortable working with people they know and trust. Your primary goal is to build relationships. It is not just to sign up distributors. How can you sign up and retain distributors when you have no relationship with them? This is where many new reps miss it. This is also what causes them to quit and say this is a scam. Any thinking person would be hesitant to sign up and stay with a sponsor who refuses to build a relationship with them. Believe it or not, relationships count.

In conclusion, your MLM success depends on these three factors. Obviously, there are also others. Implementation must take place after education. Network marketing is not easy. It takes time. However, you must be committed to the process.

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Much Success,

Calvin Moss

Create Your Change Through MLM

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Many people are looking for a change. A change in a job or a change in a residential location. Change is something that we all need and want. A man would like to change his car every three five years. A woman would like to change her wardrobe as often as possible! Alternatives are important for human satisfaction and enjoyment. The reason why we need change is because the mind adapts to routine. Once that happens it’s time for a change.

I believe that the best way to get your change is through MLM. So many people are looking for something that will give them options in life. Yet, they continue to do the same thing day in and day out. Life should be lived with some adventure and diversity. MLM offers you that diversity. It opens the door of unlimited possibilities. A stagnant life. A stagnant life leads to a pitiful existence.

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People settle for less instead of more. I believe they are afraid of success or refuse to commit to the process. In my opinion, the last chance for the common man is still MLM. The reason why is because your income is not based on what you do in your geographical area like your job for example. You can be home sleeping and someone from the other side of earth buys your products. KA-CHING! You just made money without doing any work.

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In conclusion, you can create your change through MLM. The only thing stopping you is you. The home business industry is not just about the products. It’s about the dream. A dream deferred makes the heart sick. Although there are stigmas associated with Network marketing, we must personally work to eliminate them. You don’t have to chase friends and family. You don’t have to hang out at shopping malls, bothering people who are there to shop and have fun. As you create change for yourself, you will create change for others.

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Network Marketing Success

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Network marketing success depends on taking consistent action. There are three components of network marketing success that will assist you in developing your business. Especially if you’re new or looking for a business to join.

Think it.

The first tier is think it. In order to become a successful entrepreneur, you have to think like one. You have to develop yourself through personal development. As a man thinketh, so is he. What you think about, is what you bring about. A book that I recommend is called “the magic of thinking big” by David Schwartz. This book will be a tremendous resource to your library.

Learn it.

The second tier is learn it. Your network marketing success will depend on you learning what entrepreneurs know. Learn how to write ads, articles, blogs and make videos. Go to Face book and Craiglist to see what internet marketers are writing. This is so you can get an idea of how to write an ad. Read blogs to see what problems need to be solved. Watch videos to see how they are made. Business like life, is a learning process. The moment you stop learning, is the minute you stop living. You must learn.

Do it.

The third and last component to network marketing success is do it. Thinking and learning won’t matter unless you do it. Go ahead get your blog set up and start blogging. Start writing ads. Make videos. Do pay per click campaigns if your budget allows it. You must take action. No action, no results. Talk to people. See if they have an interest in looking at some free information. It doesn’t cost anything to look. If not, move on.

In conclusion, network marketing success is all about thinking, learning and doing. The more consistent you are, the better success you will have.

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Much Success,

Calvin Moss


Network Marketing Tips For Beginners

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There are many network marketing tips for beginners. I will go over some of these tips to assist people who are just starting out. First of all, network marketing is a people business. You need people to help you succeed. It’s just that simple. It’s amazing how people say I don’t like network marketing because you need people to join. If you think about it, you need people for everything. So tip number one is you need people. If you didn’t need people, life would be a lonely existence. Now, you don’t want all people, you want the right people. You want to deal with people who have the same common interest you have which is to build an international organization.

Network marketing tip number two is to get rid of the job mentality. I can’t tell you how many people approach this industry with an employee frame of reference. It would be great to get a paycheck after one week of work. However in network marketing, you will go without a paycheck for months even years. One of the reasons why network marketing experiences a bad rap is because people bring their job mentality to free enterprise.

When you work at a job, you are used to getting a steady paycheck. You are conditioned to someone telling you what to do also. When people start a business and don’t make money right away, they call MLM a scam. They become disgruntled and go back to their jobs. For this reason, get rid of the job mentality.

Tip number three for beginners is you must hold yourself personally accountable. In order to succeed in network marketing, you must participate in your own success. There is no way you will build a business without personal action. New distributors blame their failures on their sponsors instead of themselves. While sponsors have a responsibility to assist you in business, it is ultimately your duty to get up and build. If you ask the majority of net workers what they are doing to build their business, the answer is nothing. Yet, they are the ones who say MLM is a pyramid scheme. They post negative reviews of companies that they failed in, in an effort to discredit the company and industry.

In conclusion, these are my network marketing tips for beginners. Nothing is written in stone. However, I believe these points will get new reps off to a good start. What you put into your business is what you get out of it. Network marketing is a different world. Especially when you come from the workforce. All of the emotional baggage and personal pain associated with working a 9 to 5 is tremendous. Unfortunately, these issues are transferred into this industry. As we continue to grow and develop, we will move from beginner to pro.

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Much success,

Calvin Moss

Network Marketing Is The Bailout For The Little Guy

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Network marketing has been around for decades. It has made many people who had the courage to succeed very wealthy. In 2007-08, transnational corporations received billions of dollars from government. These monies were given in the form of bailouts that taxpayers were on the hook for “temporarily”. Well, it turned out that taxpayers were on the hook for it permanently. My definition of a bailout is monies given to businesses and institutions to pay for their mismanagement and irresponsibility of financial resources. A bailout is a financial term used by wall street.

It amazes me that taxpayers can be held liable for the financial errors of corporations instead of the companies themselves. Bailouts only exist for the big guys, but what about the little guys? After all, the little guys are paying for the mistakes of the big guys. It seems as if no one is concerned about the average Joe.

Politicians give speeches to make you think they care about the working class but afterwards, do nothing. Well, it’s time that we do something. Nothing has been going on long enough. Network marketing is the bailout for the little guy. It is a bailout because it prevents the little guy from getting screwed. Furthermore, it levels the playing field. There is no loyalty between the employer and employee. Your security doesn’t exist and your 401k is at risk. What you once considered stable, is now on shaky ground.

bailout images

In conclusion, network marketing is the bailout for the little guy. I strongly believe 2016 will be more of the same deception. If you think politicians are going to bail you out, think again. The only bailout for the little guy is the one he provides for himself. Network marketing is the last chance for the common man. There are many opportunities available to you. To get a view of what my bailout plan looks like click here.