Is building a business offline still effective?


In today’s post, I want to talk about whether or not building your business offline is still effective. Currently, there is a train of thought in the industry that says old school network marketing is dead. Many online “gurus” say that cold calling is dead or the three feet rule is old news. Nothing could be further from the truth. Those strategies still work and always will as long as people exist. No someone may say “wait a minute, I live in a town of only a thousand people, how could that work for me”? The answer is to use online strategies, work your town and go out of town if that is realistically doable.

In my opinion, attraction marketing doesn’t mean that you completely disregard human interaction. Network marketing is still a face to face business. If you think about it, all of the top seven figure earners in MLM built their business offline first and used attraction marketing to leverage their success and credibility. I’m a fan of online network marketing by all means. I just believe that traditional marketing produces results because we are in the people business. People are online and offline.


I also believe that what you are marketing makes a difference. Some products and services are better promoted offline. For example if you have a physical product that you can give out as a sample  you will have better success. People love the free things so all you have to do is give your product out. Online, people are a little reluctant to give you their personal information. This is because they do not know you and you lack credibility.

In conclusion, building your business online is still effective because people still like to interact with each other. Can you imagine a world where there is no human contact and everything you need must be done online? No matter whether you are doing offline or online marketing, you still have to sell. Unfortunately, many online marketers think you don’t have to sell. That’s simply not true. You are selling business systems, sales funnels. Don’t allow technology to rob you of building real and lasting relationships.


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Calvin Moss is a blogger and home business owner. He lives in New York City with his wife and daughter. Mr. Moss can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Successful Habits Of Entrepreneurs

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There are successful habits that entrepreneurs have to build large organizations. It is important to understand that when you start a business, it doesn’t become an overnight success. There are certain habits that must be formed way before any result can manifest. I am 100% sure that the habits that I’m about to mention, will be familiar to you. Anyone who is successful in business and investing, practice these habits. For they play a critical part in the success or failure of a home business. So what are those habits?

Habit #1. Reading, listening and watching.

You must cultivate the habit of reading, listening and/or watching something that can assist you to have a successful business career. Personal development, leadership books are examples. People who think they know it all, usually know very little. The more I learn tells me that there is so much more I don’t know. Leaders form the habit of reading, watching and listening. If they neglect this habit, they would not be as successful as they are. If you were to ask a leader what is the one thing responsible for his success, he will most likely credit his library of books, audios and videos.

Habit #2. Events.

I have been to a few events in my career. I must say that events are transformational. The inspiration that you get from the leaders at these meetings is dynamic. You will leave feeling like you can conquer the world. Events are a habit that many successful people attend in order to get inspiration, motivation and connect with like minded individuals. They are also excellent to bring prospects to.

Habit #3. Creating content.

Yup, you guessed it. Successful people create some kind of content as a way of branding themselves. No wonder why you hear the phrase “content is king“. Content separates you from the pack and establishes you as an authority.

Habit #4. Marketing.

You cannot become successful if people do not know you exist. You must make a consistent effort to market yourself and/or business program. Hanging a business sign on your door will not cause customers and business associates to beat a path to your door. It takes work. Market yourself through social media, internet marketing and word of mouth. This is a habit that successful entrepreneurs can’t kick.

In closing, get hooked on the habit of doing what successful entrepreneurs do. One you get hooked, there is no turning back.

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Much Success,

Calvin Moss

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