Building A Business Takes Time

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Building a business takes time. It requires patience and persistence. One of the challenges that we all have as business owners is the desire to build fast. While building fast is good, we must keep in mind that there is a process involved. If you ask any top earner, what made them successful, they will talk about the journey they had to take. Who wouldn’t want a six figure business built over night? Who wouldn’t a shortened learning curve? Thankfully, I am part of an online marketing community that shortens the learning curve.

By building a business the fast way, we cheat ourselves out of valuable experience success is obtained through the experience. One of the reasons why people quit is because they expect to build their business fast. They read articles and watch videos that make grandiose statements about making tons of money in a short time. You can make that kind of money BUT it depends on your influence and/or marketing budget.

We live in a microwave society. We want things fast and we want them now. Building a business takes time. There are no shortcuts to success. You have to think, learn and do. All components are critical to business success. Entrepreneurship requires that you learn a different set of skills. Do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed with too much information at once. Since building a business takes time, take your time.

In conclusion, building a business takes time. You will reap what you sow but not instantly. Keep educating yourself and most of all don’t quit.

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Calvin Moss

What Is Your Why?


Before you get started in network marketing, you’ve got to have a why for joining an organization. Maybe your why is to build a business that you can pass on to your family. So you don’t want your children slaving away at a job for the next twenty years. Perhaps, you want to start some type of charity or foundation that benefits the global community as a whole.

Network marketing comes with challenges like any traditional business does. A common challenge is hearing a family member ask you, is that one of those pyramid things? Or why don’t you get a real job? When one hears such statements, the tendency to question oneself about joining a network marketing company arises. On top of that, it seems like no one wants to buy your products and services. Heck, you can barely give it away.

It is in times like this that you must remember your why. Your why is the reminder for why you joined the home business industry. You have to keep your goals in mind to assist you in making them a reality. It is quite discouraging to go without sales for months, even years, and still maintain your why. This is the point where many distributors give up. We must continue forward. Your why must be bigger than your excuses. When you sign up to become an independent business owner, you are participating in something bigger than yourself. It is an honor to be exposed to some information that could radically change your life and the lives of those you love.

In conclusion, maintain your why by listening to training calls, reading personal development books and read books about the industry for motivation. Try different ways to get people to honestly see what your company has to offer. Rome wasn’t built in one day and neither will your business. Hold on to your why and move forward, for there is no success in moving backward.

Much Success,

Calvin Moss

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From Frustration To Determination

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There are times when we get frustrated in life. No matter successful you are in life, you are bound to be frustrated at something or with someone. To be frustrated means to be disappointed by not attaining a certain goal for oneself. Maybe you, yourself, are trying to lose weight. You work out everyday and eat a good diet but still didn’t see a change. It is also frustrating to take a drivers test and fail repeatedly.

You may have experienced frustration with your spouse. You asked her or him to pay a bill for example. They forgot and you received a late payment charge. I’m reminded of an associate who used to tell his girlfriend all the time, not to drive on E. One late night, he gets a phone call from his girlfriend. She says she ran out of gas on the highway. Can you imagine how frustrated he was? Especially after telling her over again not to drive on E? Not to go off subject, but what is it about driving that women don’t get? Anyway, frustration is unavoidable. It is a process of life.

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What is it that you are frustrated with? Could it be your job because you didn’t get the promotion you asked for? Is your business not seeing the sales it once saw? I believe that being frustrated is one thing, but being determined is another. For me, the definition of determination means having a made up mind to achieve whatever I believe I can. It takes the same energy to be determined as it does to be frustrated. If you are trying to be successful in anything you do, determination is needed. It is easier to get frustrated than it is determined. It is one of the reasons why people give up quickly on their dreams.

In closing, I’ve heard of stories how people who were maimed and paralyzed went on to accomplish great things in life. They didn’t let their disabilities get in their way. They got in the way of their disabilities. Too many people are letting life get in their way, instead of getting in the way of life. Now is the time to get focused on what you want out of life. Your destiny requires you to be committed to the progress and grow through determination.

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Much Success,

Calvin Moss


Know What You Want, Then Go For It

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We all have personal goals and things that we set our sights on. Some of these goals could be purchasing your first home or traveling to an exotic island. Life comes with many distractions. In our youth, we are firm as to what to make of our lives. As we get older, our goals tend to change. Sometimes, the path we lay for ourselves is not the path we follow. This is because we get side tracked with different opportunities. The grass looks greener on the other side, so we gravitate to the other side.

I believe that we adults are not clear on what we want for ourselves. The reason why is because our actions are opposite of what we say. Many people would like to start a business. As soon as they find one that they like, they stick with it for a season. When challenges arise, they quit and try something else. Perhaps, you want to lose fifty pounds however, your diet says otherwise. We are good at talking but poor at doing. Have you ever walked into a car dealership to purchase a particular car and drove away with something different?

I am learning that if you don’t have a made up mind, someone else will make your mind up for you. Millions of people minds are made up for them. Yet, they think they’re in control. Control is a powerful word. If you don’t have it, someone else does. That’s why it’s important to know what you want and then go for it. In order to know what you want, you have to be focused. There is no time for being wishy-washy. Be determined and commit to what it is you want. Plan your work and work your plan.

In conclusion, know what you want, then go for it (ethically speaking). People and opportunities do not last forever. If possible, surround yourself with people who share a common goal as you do. If impossible, utilize books, videos and articles to assist you in getting what you want.

Aspire To Come Up Higher

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To aspire means to have a great ambition or desire. Life was meant to be lived with purpose. Dreams and aspirations are part of what makes life worth living. If you don’t have dreams and aspirations, you will only work for those who do have them. Worse yet, you will go to the grave with regrets. There are already too many people in the grave. What’s ironic about it, is that many of them are still living.

Aspire to come up higher. Life is too precious to stay low. People, especially Americans, are ceding away their lives. We are too dependent on law makers for the American dream. The only real dream is the one you create. Anything you want to achieve in life, is first conceived in the mind. I mention the mind in many of my writings because the mind is where decisions are made. The mind is the reason why we are, where we are.

There is a war for the mind and the war started many years ago. So here we are in 2015. Life for many is not getting better, but worse. Mediocrity is the new norm. Risk taking is out of the question. What happened to the toughness that made the nations great? What happened to the fire of the people? What happened to the zeal of life? We must get back to the days of community, love and independence.

In conclusion, aspire to come up higher. The way you come up higher is to begin with the end in mind( Stephen covey author of 7 habits of highly effective people). Aspirations are essential to the progress of a successful and prosperous people. When you aspire to come up higher, you will leave a legacy for your family and touch the lives of millions of people.

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Much Success,

Calvin Moss

It’s Your Heart That Counts, Not Your Title

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Never in the history of the world, have people been more obsessed with titles than they are now. People care more about titles than they do character. If you don’t have an MD, PhD or some other symbol of representation, then you don‘t count in the eyes of people. In addition, your self worth is worthless.

I write to inform you that it’s your heart that counts not your title. Society seems to place more value on titles than the hearts of people. It doesn’t matter what kind of character or lack thereof, titles hold more weight than the hearts of people. How sad and unfortunate our society has become. People with big hearts get far less recognition than those with big titles.

Our world has become a breeding ground for corruption and deception. What happened to the heart? Financial executives are rewarded huge amounts of money for their failures yet, the average Joe is getting screwed for it. Anyone can get a title. However, thinking people understand that it’s the heart that counts.

Truthfully speaking, people are not as interested in the title of a person as one may think. Our political and educational system indoctrinated us to respect titles but disregard the heart. If you disregard the title, disciplinary action can be taken against you. These systems put more emphasis on the external instead of the internal. I feel that it is better to lead with your heart, not your title, because you heart tells the true story about you. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Instead of living a life of complete shallowness and vanity, why not live a life of service and love? It’s your heart that counts, not your title.

Keep The fire Burning. Don’t let The Fire Burn Out.

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There are times in our lives where things were going well. We were happy, excited and passionate about life. Then all of sudden, life took a sharp turn downward. Maybe it was a divorce or a job loss. One thing I understand is that the issues of life don’t always turn out good. In spite of it all, we must keep the fire burning. Don’t let the fire burn out. Perhaps you started a business and after several years of profitability, you had to declare bankruptcy. Your teenage son or daughter is on the wrong side of the law. Whatever the situation you are facing, don’t let the fire burn out.

There is a saying that goes tough times don’t last, tough people do. I am convinced that people are tougher than times. I write not just to encourage readers, but myself also. We all need to be encouraged to keep the fire burning. The fire is the light that keeps us moving forward in life when life looks dark. Much of society has let the fire burn out. They have no fire about themselves and no fire about life. It seems as if people have become walking zombies. We must wake up and live. Arise to life.

Rekindle the fire, don’t let the fire burn out. There are many things that I could be depressed about. Such as I don’t have a great marriage, I’m not exactly where I want to be in life and other issues. However, being depressed about those things will do me no good. Besides, there are people who have it worst than me. Depression kills the fire. Only hope can rekindle the fire.

In conclusion, the bible says hope deferred makes the heart sick. Too many people are walking around with sick hearts. I believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You may not be able to see it but it’s still there. People who committed suicide let the fire burn out. No matter how bad the economy gets, we must keep the fire burning. Don’t let the fire burn out.

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Much Success,

Calvin Moss