The Truth About Solo Ads


Okay for this article I’m going to be completely honest and tell you the truth about solo ads. This post is not going to be long at all. I’m going to say what I want to say and leave it at that. This article is based upon my personal experience and may be much different from yours and that’s okay. It may seem like i’m ranting a little but I want to be honest and hopefully save you some time and money.

What are solo ads?

Solo ads, in a nutshell, are basically Money making or internet marketing opportunity ads that a seller posts online. The visitor sees the ad, has an interest, and fills out a form wanting to know how to make money online. The seller collects their email and name and sells it to the purchaser (you and me)for as low as 5o cents to as much as 1.50 per click.The seller has lots of names and email addresses of people who want info on a money making opportunity. As soon as you make your purchase of clicks that you want, your opportunity will be shown to the people who requested more information based on the amount of clicks you bought. Your program will be shown via email. If the visitor, otherwise known as the prospect, likes your opportunity, they will invest in the business and you will have a sale.

Pros and Cons

Obviously there are pros and cons with solo ads just like anything else right? First I’ll start with the pros. Solo ads are probably the fastest way to build your list. The bigger your list, the greater the chance you stand to make a lot of money. Some people say the money is in the list. I think the money is in the value that you offer to your list. With a single purchase, you can have hundreds of leads going through your funnel. The key word here is leverage. If you don’t have much money to invest, you can buy a solo ad for as low as 4o, 50 bucks.

The Cons of solo ads are you can lose a lot of money by buying solos that are crap. Some solo ad sellers are scamming purchasers out of their money by selling old leads or clicks. Sometimes these clicks are bots. The thing that I don’t like is if you get clicks that do not convert to sales, there is really no remedy. You have to take a loss. The thing with solo ads is that you never know what kind of traffic your getting or if they are really targeted as the sellers claim they are. You may get one sale out of one hundred clicks but it is what it is. It’s the risk you take.

In conclusion, This is the truth about solo ads in my opinion. Again, your experience may be different. I want to share a story with you in regards to solo ads. I’ve purchased quite a few solo ads from different vendors. I want to share the one big loss that really opened my eyes and revealed to me the truth about solo ads. I recently purchased 500 clicks from a guy that calls himself the king of solo ads. He’s known as the go to guy for solo ads.

Anyway, it was my first run with him so I decided to take the leap of faith and put up 700 bucks for 500 clicks. While I did get about a 4o-50% opt in, I only got one upfront sale! Now “what a minute” I thought to myself. This guy who is supposed to be the solo ad guru produced average results for me. I was expecting at least 4-5 upfront sales but it didn’t happen that way. I

t was shocking because he’s considered “the guy”. Boy did I learn my lesson. I’ve purchased lower amount of clicks and got better results than this guy’s deal. In my humble opinion, you can get sales from solo ads, however, they are low performing and not the best source of quality traffic.

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It works better than those sources. Oh by the way, FB is not a fan of money making opportunities and will implement changes next year that will definitely affect internet marketers unless they are savvy and crafty enough to market their offers.

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About the author:

Calvin Moss is a blogger and home business professional. He is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. He lives in New York City with his wife and daughter.

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Five things needed to build a successful online business



Many people have decided to work from home but online. Working online is by far the smartest decision you can make because it allows you the ability to leverage the internet. Over the last five years or so, the online business community has probably doubled in size. Before making a decision to build a business online, there are five things needed to start and grow a successful online business.


The first thing that is needed is Belief. You have to belief that you are able to become a successful entrepreneur. One of the reasons people quit on their dreams is because they do not belief in themselves. Furthermore, they do not believe in their products or services. If you do not believe in you how do you expect others to believe in you? By the way, no one should ever believe in you more than you believe in yourself. Your belief in yourself is detrimental to your success as an online entrepreneur, especially when there’s so much competition in the marketplace.

A good company

The second thing you need in order to build a successful online business is a good company. You need a company that has a proven track record of producing successful entrepreneurs. In addition, the company must be of good reputation with solid leadership. The success or failure of a company begins and ends with leadership. So make sure you have a good company.

Capture page

The third thing you need is a capture page. Since you are doing business online, you need a capture page to collect people names and email addresses in exchange for the information they requested. Hopefully, you want to collect their phone numbers so you can follow up with them via landline. There are many types of capture pages that you can customize if you prefer. You don’t need to be technical to create a page. Templates are already made so all you have to do is point and click.



The fourth thing you will need in order to build a successful online business is an autoresponder. An autoresponder is a business tool that you use to follow up with prospective business partners and/or customers regarding your products and services. There are many autoresponders on the market however not all are created equal. If you are doing marketing online, you definitely need an autoresponder. If not, you are missing a vital part of building relationships with people who you could do business with.


Paid traffic

Last, but not least, you need paid traffic to build a successful business online. Many people, especially on Facebook, are trying to build their business using free strategies alone. That doesn’t work well if at all. This is because the market place is saturated with a variety of offers. Sadly, many marketers are promoting their websites in places that offer free promotion and guess what? Everyone else is doing the same thing. So what do you think the results are going to be? zero. If you are going to do a for free traffic strategy make sure you implement a paid traffic strategy. This is to support your free efforts until you no longer need paid efforts. Hope that makes sense. If you have no money to invest, you are going to have a difficult time and probably need to get a second job or something to pay for traffic.


These five things will assist you to have a successful online business. All five are essential and cannot be neglected. Success online requires a consistent work ethic. There are more people online than there were five years ago. You are competing for the attention of people who are already bombarded with a variety of offers. Be willing to stand out from the competition and do what it takes to succeed online.


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Calvin Moss is an online entrepreneur, blogger and home business professional. He lives in New York City with his wife and daughter. He can be reached on Facebook at

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MLM Recruiting Tips To Recruit Leaders Now

Today’s blog is, MLM tips to recruit leaders now. Recruiting leaders is a skill that takes time and consistency. It is not easy to recruit leaders. This is because most prospects you talk to, would rather be followers instead. Nevertheless, leaders can be found. Recruiting leaders for network marketing should be fundamental not technical. So herein, are the MLM recruiting tips that will assist you to build your empire.

Tip #1 attraction marketing.

In today’s network marketing industry, you must be engaged in attraction marketing. Instead of trying to attract your prospects to your business opportunity, attract them to you. You do this by adding value through training videos, articles or E-books. When you do this, you will attract leaders into your business over time.

Tip #2 Be a leader.

To recruit leaders, you have to become a leader. Take personal accountability for your business. At the end of the day, what did you do to move forward in your business? Did you speak to someone about your program? Did you create some content? What income producing activity did you perform? Thinking and doing works together to recruit leaders now.

Tip #3 Help people even if they are not on your team.

In order to recruit leaders, you must be willing to help a distributors. If a home business owner calls or emails you with questions, be willing to communicate with them. There are home business owners who get signed up by absent sponsors. They feel scammed and start thinking about quitting. Although personal accountability must be taken, assisting a fellow business rep could pay off in the end. He or she may spend money with you in the long run. You never know, that distributor may decide to work with you and become your next leader!

In conclusion, these are my MLM tips to recruit leaders now. There are two things we want in this business: leads and leaders. Leaders are made, not born. We know that recruiting is a numbers game. The more we do, the better we become. There is no magic pill to recruiting. Just work and dedication.

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Much Success,

Calvin Moss

Stop Chasing Prospects, Have Prospects Chase You

Every home business owner’s challenge is finding prospects. We search high and low looking for the perfect prospect. When we get started in network marketing, we make a list of friends and family. We call them to death trying to get them to a meeting. The challenge is that your warm market is not interested in starting a business unless they are business minded. So what do we normally do as beginners? We beg, chase and convince family and friends to join our opportunity. The lesson here is that if you beg, chase and convince them to join your business today. You will have to beg, chase and convince them to stay in your business tomorrow.

You want prospects who perceive value in what you’re offering. You committed to help someone who has the ability to make decisions. Most people are preconditioned to recognize jobs not opportunities. Instead of chasing prospects, why not have prospects chase you? It is more productive and better management of your time. So how do you get prospects to chase you? Here is a few tips:

1. Create content that provides value such as personal development because success is an inside job.

2. Create content that addresses or solves a particular problem that your prospect has such as finding leads and how to converse with them.

3. Be accessible to your prospects even if they are not in your business yet because they might join later on.

4. Continue to brand and position yourself not your opportunity. When you do these things, you will establish yourself as an authority and people will want to do business with you. No longer will you have to chase prospects. They will chase you instead.

Much success,

Calvin Moss


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Why Posting Free Classified Ads Don’t Work

ads images

When affiliate marketers or network marketers start a business, they usually start without a large advertising budget. Due to the lack of funds, entrepreneurs turn to free classified ads for exposure. The issue with posting free ads is that every business owner or affiliate is posting free information. Just look at any website offer free ads.

There are tens of thousands of advertisements and many entrepreneurs are posting the same exact thing. So how does a prospect decide which business program to join? Posting free ads on classified websites do not work because everyone and their mama are listing ads. So it’s really hard to distinguish which business program is a fit.

I have heard of people doing well with free face book advertising. However, you have to be savvy when you market to prospects. You cannot across as a spam artist. Nevertheless, paid over free advertising is best unless you are doing video marketing. Google and face book pay-per-click ads work well assuming you have a budget. If not, you tube video marketing is the way to go. Mostly, anything free will yield poor conversion results.

ads 2 images

In conclusion, free classified are time consuming because you are competing with other marketers for the attention of the prospect. In addition to that, there are too many ads for the prospect to sift through. Paid classified are less time consuming because only a handful of marketers are willing to pay, or are able to pay, for ad space. Therefore, your campaign will be seen by more prospects. As a result, you will make more sales.

Much success,

Calvin Moss



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Empower Your Network Through Personal Development And Make Money Fast

empower 1

Empowerment is a critical component to the success of any group looking to make money fast. Empowerment gives you the courage to persist when you want to quit. Whether you are in network marketing, or affiliate marketing, empowerment through personal development will assist you to become the leader that you already are.

When it comes to business, it is important to note that your net worth is connected to your network. When your network is empowered, you create the atmosphere for a win-win situation to make money fast.

The problem with the masses is that they want the money, but not development. Any organization that makes money fast with no development, is bound to lose money just as fast. Personal development is about developing your person to the highest potential so that you will be a pillar of influence. It is about positive character  development.

empower 2

What books are you reading? Have you read success through a positive mental attitude? What CDs are you listening to? Have you heard of the Nightingale-Conant audio programs? At the end of the day, what is going to make or break your network is what you all are putting in your minds. Not to go off subject, but I believe that if society focused more on encouragement instead of discouragement, we all would be far better off than we are now. Empowerment has caused teams to experience breakthroughs like never before. Incomes are doubling even quadrupling due to empowerment. In my experiences, I have found that some of the best empowerment takes place at events. Events are held in various locations throughout the world, usually on a quarterly basis. Life transforming material get shared at these events causing teams to explode practically overnight.

In conclusion, empower your network through personal development and your network will empower you. As you become empowered you will make money fast.

Much Success,

Calvin Moss