Why Most people don’t make any money online.


If you’re like most of us, you came across an advertisement that says learn how you can make x amount of dollars per month. You probably thought it was a scam but you went ahead and took a look at it. You read some testimonials of people who were getting great results but were not sure if you could get them. Maybe those folks are the lucky ones you thought. They probably have a “hook up” you pondered.

While it is normal to have some skepticism, it is abnormal to  be completely close minded especially without doing any objective research. I want to talk about why people don’t make any money online and hopefully shed some light on the matter. I will also talk about the solution to making money online.

Okay, so here’s why most people don’t make any money online:

  1. They think everything is a scam– yes there are a lot of scams online. However, it is YOUR responsibility to do your own due diligence to find out which ones are scams are which ones are not. There are many wonderful opportunities that will allow you to realize your dreams and goals. But you have to examine the company, track record and owners of the company. In doing this often, you will be able to discern better.
  2. Push button mindset– This mindset probably affects about 90% of the marketers online. Sure it would be nice to push a button and get all the sales we want and become millionaires. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. It seems as if people brought their job mentality to free enterprise and expect to make it big overnight. If they didn’t make it big overnight at their jobs, what makes them think they’re gonna make it big overnight in their own business? Go figure. Furthermore, when they don’t make it big guess what they say? I knew it was a scam.
  3. Don’t want to invest any money in their business- It amazes me that people want to charge top dollar for their products and services but what all the training etc without any investment for free. Only broke people think like that. Real successful people know that they have to invest in themselves and their business. They know that there’s no such thing as everything for nothing in return. While there are good resources that you can get for free, the best resources will cost you. One of the most important assets you have is time. Free will cost you time, paid will save you time. So invest in your business, this is not the lottery.
  4. Don’t want to work with a mentor-I think there was a song by Frank Sinatra titled ” I did it my way”. That’s exactly what most marketers agree to. They want to do it their way instead of working with someone who did it and got results with it. Entrepreneurs work with people who are better entrepreneurs than they are. They are called mentors. We all need mentors who can help us to become better. This is because we don’t know everything and require guidance especially in business. Most of us were taught to become employees by employees not entrepreneurs. In order to go from an employee to an entrepreneur, you need to taught by entrepreneurs.

In conclusion, These are the reasons why most people don’t make any money online. Making money online requires a plan and action consistently. Just like you went to school to consistently to get the degree for the profession you’re hopefully in, the same applies for the entrepreneur. You have to learn before you can earn. However, most people want to earn before they learn and that’s insane.If you seriously want to make money online and are willing to invest in yourself and business click here.

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About the author:

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Calvin Moss is a writer, blogger and home business professional. He lives in New York city with his wife and daughter. He is on Facebook and Instagram.







Why your company website is not enough.


When we first get started in network marketing, we are given a company replicated website to promote. Typically what we do is go online and start promoting the website on social media. The problem  with replicated websites is that we are all given the same one that says the same thing. Whether we realize it or not, these websites have been seen before. Most marketers are promoting them the wrong way which is one of the reasons people are not signing up.

If you want to sign people up online, please understand that it is going to require some work and ingenuity in many cases. After all, someone did tell them that they are going to make a million dollars in six months. As soon as that didn’t happen, they became reluctant about whether “those things” really work.

Company websites don’t work for the following reasons:

  1. Everyone has them– As mentioned above, if everyone has them, they have been seen before. You need to create pages that no one has used or very few people have used. More importantly, you need to have YOUR OWN message on the website, not a generic message.
  2. Can’t capture emails- company replicated websites can not capture emails so you can follow up with prospects through auto responding messages. The relationship is built and extended through short powerful messages that are created to  educate the prospect to make a decision  to get started. This is important because most people do not make quick business decisions.
  3. Don’t provide value- When I say no value, I’m not speaking of the health and/or financial benefits. I mean providing some content that shares tips on what’s needed to build a successful business.


In conclusion, hopefully you have a better understanding of why company replicated websites are not enough. If you are online promoting the same company websites with the same message, then more than likely when prospects sees it, they ignore it. You have to bring something different to the table of marketing. Instead of branding themselves, marketers are branding their companies. That doesn’t make sense because their companies are already branded.

Learn how to create capture pages and apply your own unique message on them. Learn how to create copy that provides solutions to your prospects problems. In addition, generate  leads, manage and follow up with them using this app. It’s like your own personal assistant that you download to your cellphone to keep you abreast of what’s going on in your business. The best thing about it, is that it doesn’t matter what business or product you’re promoting.

If you do this, you will win online. Just posting your link is not enough because everyone has a link. What is going to distinguish you from the rest?  You’ve got to invest in yourself and business. Learn and implement internet marketing strategies so you will have the results you’re looking for. Most people don’t have the time to build offline so online is the best course of action. Don’t be like the 90% who fail online. Do what the winners do to win.

About the author:

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Calvin Moss is a blogger and home business professional. He lives in New York with his wife and daughter. He is on Instagram and Facebook.








Network marketing is for people who “get it”.

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It is a fact that most people hate their jobs. They hate fighting traffic to go to work. Many don’t like their jobs or the money they make. They complain about their boss, yet they stay there. As of late we have seen cracks in the world’s financial system. Nations that were once stable, are now unstable.

Austerity, which is just a fancy word for saying you’re screwed, is sweeping throughout the nations. The security that people thought they once had, is no longer. Actually, security never really existed. So now, people are trying to figure things out. How do we get our jobs back? Well, the jobs are not coming back. Sorry folks, just ain’t happening. If our jobs were brought back home, corporations would lose a vast amount of profits by not being able to exploit cheap labor.

People livelihoods are being threatened. What are our politicians going to do? Nothing, period. Since our manufacturing base is not coming back and no one has our back, the question should be, what are WE going to do?

The 1950’s was the industrial age. Although job security was more stable in those days, people still valued job freedom. They understood that working for someone else would never get them the quality of life they desired. They “got it”. Even in those times, folks knew there was a better way. Working 20-30 years, hoping to get a retirement check in the end was risky. Especially when retirement payouts are not guaranteed. Network marketing was established around the 1950’s. It was the best alternative for people who sought change and to make a difference. Fast forward to today with the recent events. People realize that something is wrong with our economic base. It is  one of the reasons why so many people are choosing network marketing. They “get it”.

Folks are sick and tired of getting up every morning to do the same thing. The daily stresses of working various jobs, combined with exhausting commutes and poor diet, contribute to heart attacks and other illnesses. That’s why network marketing is the business for people who “get it”. They get the fact that trading hours for dollars will keep them broke. They get the truth that downsizing and outsourcing jobs are real problems that do not get addressed.

In conclusion, network marketing is for people who “get it”. Hopefully, there will come a time when people break free from the mental conditioning that was imposed on us through traditional schooling. I believe that one thing man wants more than anything, is his freedom. Freedom from a job that stifles his creativity and quality of life. Network marketing is for people who “get it”.



Aren’t you tired of doing the same thing day in, day out?

Aren’t you tired of struggling to make ends meet?

Do you really think your politicians are working on your behalf?

What is it going to take for you to see that you’ve been conned?

The joke is on us if continue to put our trust and money into the hands of someone else.

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Much Success,

Calvin Moss

Home business and marketing coach

Stop Chasing Prospects, Have Prospects Chase You

Every home business owner’s challenge is finding prospects. We search high and low looking for the perfect prospect. When we get started in network marketing, we make a list of friends and family. We call them to death trying to get them to a meeting. The challenge is that your warm market is not interested in starting a business unless they are business minded. So what do we normally do as beginners? We beg, chase and convince family and friends to join our opportunity. The lesson here is that if you beg, chase and convince them to join your business today. You will have to beg, chase and convince them to stay in your business tomorrow.

You want prospects who perceive value in what you’re offering. You committed to help someone who has the ability to make decisions. Most people are preconditioned to recognize jobs not opportunities. Instead of chasing prospects, why not have prospects chase you? It is more productive and better management of your time. So how do you get prospects to chase you? Here is a few tips:

1. Create content that provides value such as personal development because success is an inside job.

2. Create content that addresses or solves a particular problem that your prospect has such as finding leads and how to converse with them.

3. Be accessible to your prospects even if they are not in your business yet because they might join later on.

4. Continue to brand and position yourself not your opportunity. When you do these things, you will establish yourself as an authority and people will want to do business with you. No longer will you have to chase prospects. They will chase you instead.

Much success,

Calvin Moss




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Why Posting Free Classified Ads Don’t Work

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When affiliate marketers or network marketers start a business, they usually start without a large advertising budget. Due to the lack of funds, entrepreneurs turn to free classified ads for exposure. The issue with posting free ads is that every business owner or affiliate is posting free information. Just look at any website offer free ads.

There are tens of thousands of advertisements and many entrepreneurs are posting the same exact thing. So how does a prospect decide which business program to join? Posting free ads on classified websites do not work because everyone and their mama are listing ads. So it’s really hard to distinguish which business program is a fit.

I have heard of people doing well with free face book advertising. However, you have to be savvy when you market to prospects. You cannot across as a spam artist. Nevertheless, paid over free advertising is best unless you are doing video marketing. Google and face book pay-per-click ads work well assuming you have a budget. If not, you tube video marketing is the way to go. Mostly, anything free will yield poor conversion results.

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In conclusion, free classified are time consuming because you are competing with other marketers for the attention of the prospect. In addition to that, there are too many ads for the prospect to sift through. Paid classified are less time consuming because only a handful of marketers are willing to pay, or are able to pay, for ad space. Therefore, your campaign will be seen by more prospects. As a result, you will make more sales.

Much success,

Calvin Moss





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Your Comfort Zone Is Your Danger Zone

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Getting out of your comfort zone is a prerequisite to graduate the school of success. There are people who refuse to get out of their comfort zone due to fear of failure and ridicule. Fear is paralyzing to success. Your comfort zone is your danger zone because it stops you from progress. Your comfort zone will conform you to a life of insignificance. Life is not meant to conform but to transform.

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There is an ole’ saying that goes if you do what’s easy, life will be hard. If you do what’s hard, life will be easy. Getting out of your comfort zone is not easy. It is perhaps the reason why people stay there. We have to aspire to reach higher and doing so requires hard work. Any major accomplishment demands a change of mind. The reason why, is because the same mind that created your comfort zone must be replaced with a new mindset. If we continue to stay in our comfort zone, our life journey will reflect a road less traveled.

One way to get out of your comfort zone is to join a toastmasters club. Toastmasters specializes in helping people to get out of their comfort zone through public speaking. The organization has helped millions of people become leaders in their respective fields. Although most people would rather die than give a talk, it is still a great way to get out of your comfort zone.

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Another way to get out of your comfort zone is to just say hello to people! This too is a challenge because people typically don’t like to speak or even say thank you. As a New Yorker, I can identify. There were many times I should have said hello and thank you to someone but I refused. I believe it had something to do with me remaining in my comfort zone.

In conclusion, your comfort zone is your danger zone because it destroys your progress in life. The longer you stay in your comfort zone, the longer you prohibit yourself from taking the actions that are necessary for success.


Much Success,

Calvin Moss



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