Network Marketing Is The Bailout For The Little Guy

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Network marketing has been around for decades. It has made many people who had the courage to succeed very wealthy. In 2007-08, transnational corporations received billions of dollars from government. These monies were given in the form of bailouts that taxpayers were on the hook for “temporarily”. Well, it turned out that taxpayers were on the hook for it permanently. My definition of a bailout is monies given to businesses and institutions to pay for their mismanagement and irresponsibility of financial resources. A bailout is a financial term used by wall street.

It amazes me that taxpayers can be held liable for the financial errors of corporations instead of the companies themselves. Bailouts only exist for the big guys, but what about the little guys? After all, the little guys are paying for the mistakes of the big guys. It seems as if no one is concerned about the average Joe.

Politicians give speeches to make you think they care about the working class but afterwards, do nothing. Well, it’s time that we do something. Nothing has been going on long enough. Network marketing is the bailout for the little guy. It is a bailout because it prevents the little guy from getting screwed. Furthermore, it levels the playing field. There is no loyalty between the employer and employee. Your security doesn’t exist and your 401k is at risk. What you once considered stable, is now on shaky ground.

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In conclusion, network marketing is the bailout for the little guy. I strongly believe 2016 will be more of the same deception. If you think politicians are going to bail you out, think again. The only bailout for the little guy is the one he provides for himself. Network marketing is the last chance for the common man. There are many opportunities available to you. To get a view of what my bailout plan looks like click here.