Organo Gold

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Organo Gold is an international business model. Organo Gold offers health and wellness through a variety of coffee and teas that are consumed by millions around the world. Organo Gold was founded in 2008 out of British Columbia, by Mr. Bernard Chua.

The company was marketed and developed by master distributor Mr. Shane Moran and executive VP of sales Mr. Holton Buggs. Organo Gold is in approximately 35 countries at this time. With over one hundred thousand distributors, Organo Gold will continue to expand into new markets.

Why Coffee?

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Coffee is the second most traded commodity on the stock market. Coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world. Globally speaking, people consume coffee and tea daily without giving it a second thought.

You may travel once or twice a year, but you are going to drink your coffee or tea everyday. Whether you are selling financial or home cleaning products, you are most likely going to start your day with coffee or tea.

In conclusion, you get paid to drink coffee(or Tea) and give out free samples. There are not many health and wellness companies that allow customers to sample their products before buying. The compensation plan is one of the best in network marketing. No other company can offer you freedom and coffee the way Organo Gold does. Organo Gold is a business model that is second to none. Its leadership is influence. Its name speaks for itself: GOLD.

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Much Success,

Calvin Moss