The Truth About Solo Ads


Okay for this article I’m going to be completely honest and tell you the truth about solo ads. This post is not going to be long at all. I’m going to say what I want to say and leave it at that. This article is based upon my personal experience and may be much different from yours and that’s okay. It may seem like i’m ranting a little but I want to be honest and hopefully save you some time and money.

What are solo ads?

Solo ads, in a nutshell, are basically Money making or internet marketing opportunity ads that a seller posts online. The visitor sees the ad, has an interest, and fills out a form wanting to know how to make money online. The seller collects their email and name and sells it to the purchaser (you and me)for as low as 5o cents to as much as 1.50 per click.The seller has lots of names and email addresses of people who want info on a money making opportunity. As soon as you make your purchase of clicks that you want, your opportunity will be shown to the people who requested more information based on the amount of clicks you bought. Your program will be shown via email. If the visitor, otherwise known as the prospect, likes your opportunity, they will invest in the business and you will have a sale.

Pros and Cons

Obviously there are pros and cons with solo ads just like anything else right? First I’ll start with the pros. Solo ads are probably the fastest way to build your list. The bigger your list, the greater the chance you stand to make a lot of money. Some people say the money is in the list. I think the money is in the value that you offer to your list. With a single purchase, you can have hundreds of leads going through your funnel. The key word here is leverage. If you don’t have much money to invest, you can buy a solo ad for as low as 4o, 50 bucks.

The Cons of solo ads are you can lose a lot of money by buying solos that are crap. Some solo ad sellers are scamming purchasers out of their money by selling old leads or clicks. Sometimes these clicks are bots. The thing that I don’t like is if you get clicks that do not convert to sales, there is really no remedy. You have to take a loss. The thing with solo ads is that you never know what kind of traffic your getting or if they are really targeted as the sellers claim they are. You may get one sale out of one hundred clicks but it is what it is. It’s the risk you take.

In conclusion, This is the truth about solo ads in my opinion. Again, your experience may be different. I want to share a story with you in regards to solo ads. I’ve purchased quite a few solo ads from different vendors. I want to share the one big loss that really opened my eyes and revealed to me the truth about solo ads. I recently purchased 500 clicks from a guy that calls himself the king of solo ads. He’s known as the go to guy for solo ads.

Anyway, it was my first run with him so I decided to take the leap of faith and put up 700 bucks for 500 clicks. While I did get about a 4o-50% opt in, I only got one upfront sale! Now “what a minute” I thought to myself. This guy who is supposed to be the solo ad guru produced average results for me. I was expecting at least 4-5 upfront sales but it didn’t happen that way. I

t was shocking because he’s considered “the guy”. Boy did I learn my lesson. I’ve purchased lower amount of clicks and got better results than this guy’s deal. In my humble opinion, you can get sales from solo ads, however, they are low performing and not the best source of quality traffic.

Fortunately for me I’ve discovered a trusted traffic source that I will use from now on. Not only did I get great results, I got outstanding customer service! Their traffic isn’t solo ads, google ads or Facebook ads. Check it out here.

It works better than those sources. Oh by the way, FB is not a fan of money making opportunities and will implement changes next year that will definitely affect internet marketers unless they are savvy and crafty enough to market their offers.

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About the author:

Calvin Moss is a blogger and home business professional. He is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. He lives in New York City with his wife and daughter.

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The Working World Has Changed(College Gone Wrong?)

college student cant find work image

The working world has changed since 2001. The month is May. It is graduation time for college students. Parents and relatives are happy that their babies are graduating. People are flying all over the world to attend graduations. Tens of thousands of dollars in debt are accrued. Now, it’s time to look for a job. There is just one problem. There is a decrease in well paying jobs. Unless, you want a job in law enforcement. By the way, I find it interesting that the only sector that hires all year round is law enforcement.

Anyway, most graduates didn’t complete four to eight years of academia to join law enforcement. Don’t get me wrong. My background is in law enforcement. I just assume that young professionals want a job in their chosen field of study. Why is it that students who finish college end up working in a completely different line of work? Isn’t that interesting. The answer is the working world has changed.

Hundreds of thousands of high paying jobs have been sent offshore. Particularly, in manufacturing. The jobs that are now created are low paying jobs. It is hard to feed a family and pay rent on a low wage job. More good paying jobs were lost than created. I also find that interesting. Corporations do not want to pay for your healthcare. Nor do they want to fund your pension. It is easier to send your job overseas to avoid making those payments. Executives say it’s too expensive to honor those financial obligations. Yet, the expense accounts, corporate jets and reckless squandering of financial resources go untouched. Again, interesting. Companies want to reduce workweek hours. In addition to that, these establishments want you to do more with less. Yet, they continue to do less with more.

More people are moving to places like New York to find work more than ever before. There is a great influx of Europeans also. But, we are told the markets are recovering. If the markets are recovering, why are there so many foreclosures? The universities know that there are more people going to college than well paying jobs available. Unfortunately, they continue to milk these young adults and their families for billions of dollars. College is a business and your debt is their asset. The debt is more valuable to the institution than the degree offered. How on earth can you pay back a loan of hundred thousand dollars or so, when you only make 40,000 per year?

college student cant find work image 2

In conclusion, the working world has changed. Sadly, many people can‘t see it. They continue to follow industrial age advice. I’m not putting down college. I was a student as well. Think about what you just read. Have you or someone you know got laid off or downsized? I know people who have. When it happened, do you know what they did? They went right back to school to get a masters or doctorates degree. Repeating the same ole thing and never learned. There is nothing wrong with working at a job. However, staying there without building your own business is. I hope this writing falls on good ground and plants a harvest of independence in your heart.

You Are Worthy Of Your Dreams

you are worthy of your dreams images

The word worthy means having worth, merit or value. When we think of the word worthy, the last thing we usually think of is ourselves. We normally think of tangible things like real estate. We all have dreams and aspirations to do something big. Perhaps you want to start a business upon retirement. Maybe you want to write your first novel. Whatever the dream that you have, just know that you are worthy of your dreams.

Sometimes, people get ideas to do great things, but they allow their past to stop them. They disqualify themselves before they even get started. It doesn’t matter what background you came from. Nor does the color of your skin count. You may have been a drug addict or a gang member. You are worthy of your dreams.

You are unique. There is no one like you. If no else tells you, you are worthy of your dream. Don’t listen to people who say you can’t. Listen to people who say you can. Surround yourself with individuals who are going somewhere. You are a winner and you belong in the winners circle. You might have been abused as a child, even suffered from domestic abuse. Maybe you were told that you’ll never amount to anything. Whatever your circumstances are, you are worthy of your dreams.

In conclusion, this life that we have is special. It is precious and undeserving. Can you imagine what life would be like if we couldn’t dream? Life would be an emotionless existence of conformity. Let us be a people who envisions and goes after their dreams. You were created to be great. A person who adds value to society and glory to God. You are worthy of your dreams.

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Much success,

Calvin Moss

The Most Unhappiest People Work At A Job

Do you ever notice how when Friday comes around, people get excited for the weekend and a sign of relief crosses their face? Then when Monday morning arrives, they look unhappy and frustrated? On the highway, they honk their horns and yell at each other. On public transportation, they push and shove one another because they’re running late for work. Based on my experience, I believe that the people who are the most unhappiest, are the ones who work at a job. I say this because people don’t like the daily 9-5 hustle of getting up to go to a job that they hate and doing the same thing repetitively. Obviously, there are employees who enjoy what they do for a living and that’s fine. For most people, going to a job to work for a salary that already isn’t enough is painful.

There is nothing right or wrong with working a job but there is something wrong when you are unhappy at a job. Many people are a heart attack away from dropping dead at work. It is because the stress levels at some occupations are exceedingly high along with other personal factors. Folks not only hate their jobs, they hate the money they make, their annoying bosses and co-workers yet, they stay at those jobs for years.

A lot of the problems at home arise from parents spending too much time at work and not enough time at home with their children. This contributes to unhappiness because a parent needs and wants to be at home instead of work. I’m a parent also and I understand that you have to do what you have to do. However, there are opportunities that can improve your financial life for ever if you are open to them.

How can you be your own man or woman when someone tells you what time to come to work and when you can go home? On a side note, the advice of going to school to get a safe and secure job is bad advice. Millions of men and women have done that and are not happy because they are now unemployed or underemployed. It is heart breaking to work hard all week to see your paycheck disappear in one day. There is a better way though. Thank you for reading.

Is Money Debt Or Wealth?

Is Money Debt Or Wealth?

I was watching a video of a gentleman talking about “money” and how finances work. He was stating that “money” is debt and that the public has to pay interest on “money” that is printed and created out of thin air. For example, when you take out a mortgage which in French means death pledge, to buy a house that “money” is not deposited into your bank account. It is created digitally and you have to pay interest on it.

Another example of “money” being debt and not wealth is quantitative easing which is a fancy name for money printing. QE as it is known, increases the debt that we owe since “money” has to be printed and borrowed into existence. Obviously, “money” has to paid back with usury. So the “money” that we think is money is actually debt. Moreover, the gentleman stated that there is no money only debt because the real money was stolen.

As I listened to this guy, I said to myself wait a minute, if money is debt then my paycheck is debt also. Therefore, I am using debt to pay debt(bills). The money that I am trying to save is not wealth, it is debt. If “money” is debt, then what is wealth because I was taught that “money” is wealth. The man went on to say that you can’t pay debt with debt you can only expunge it so to speak. Here I am working like a slave to pay bills(debt) and save money(debt) all to realize that the money(debt) is not money but debt. Note: I was confused about this as well.

I felt deceived. Okay, so what is wealth? Well according to J.P. Morgan, gold is wealth everything else is credit(debt). I then learned that gold is money and has been for over 5000 years. So men were actually conducting commerce with this shiny yellow stuff in biblical times. In addition, gold is a hedge against inflation, and is created by God. Paper loses value not gold.

In conclusion, “money” is debt and debt is slavery. Debt works against you and reduces your chances of accumulating wealth. Wealth is not the only thing that matters however, it affects the things that do. Cash is still necessary because it is a medium of exchange. Nevertheless, your wealth should be in gold because gold is king. For some free information go to